The Best Tools for Learning No-Code and Kickstarting Your Startup

The Best Tools for Learning No-Code and Kickstarting Your Startup

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 29 October 2020

Not every no-code learning tool is created equally. But, there is a perfect no-code tool out there for your learning needs..

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With no-code growing in popularity by the day, there has never been a better time to learn how it can benefit your startup as you build your MVP.
One of the biggest reasons that no-code can help your startup is that you can start building right now. Although, if you’ve never used a no-code tool before, you might benefit from setting aside some time to learn no-code inside and out before diving in head-first. By learning the ins-and-outs, you will be able to use your chosen no-code platform to its full extent.
Here are some of our favourite tools for startup founders learning no-code:

Zeroqode is Bubble’s certified partner, enabling new founders to learn no-code through their premade templates. As these founders partake in building their websites and apps, Zeroqode provides video courses along the way.

Nucode is best known as a no-code community where entrepreneurs, founders, and creatives alike can collaborate as they learn no-code. Users can find a variety of training resources, no-code tools and templates, and even no-code experts if they need a bit of help with their projects.

Bubble Forum
Home to many new founders and freelancers, there is something for every no-code user on the Bubble Forum. This forum is a great resource when you are in search of a quick answer to your questions, would like to find a freelancer to modify a part of your MVP app, or need a no-code expert to build your entire app for you and to build a long-term business relationship with.

If automation is your focus, turn to Makerpad for your no-code learning needs. Makerpad houses a variety of tutorials, tools, and templates that will help you to become a no-code expert in no time.

Million Labs Bootcamp
At Million Labs, we are prepared to help you fulfill all of your no-code dreams as well. Our 4-week No-Code Bootcamp will educate you throughout a live-build to set your startup on the path to success. Specifically, our MVP Builder option will take you from a Bubble beginner to Bubble expert, training you on the ins and outs of our no-code platform of choice.

Webflow Blog
Webflow itself is an excellent no-code platform that helps founders build websites in very little time. Webflow’s blog is just as valuable in your no-code learning journey, offering a brilliant variety of articles and lessons about how to build your no-code apps and websites. Additionally, you might find a bit of inspiration as you sort through their reading lists.

Million Labs Blog
We also continue to publish no-code content multiple times per week on our own blog, answering all of your no-code needs. We are very aware of the importance of finding what you are looking for rather quickly once you’ve come up with your Big Idea, from validating your business case to creating your pitch for investors.

As SaaS, Software as a Service, becomes more and more popular among new founders, we continue to see an upward trend of no-code popularity. There are plenty of resources and tools popping up to help you learn no-code so that you can begin scaling your startup with less financial and time commitments and get your MVP app to market in just weeks.
If you are interested in building your app in real time while working alongside motivated founders just like yourself, sign up for our No-Code Bootcamp. We’ll be happy to have you.

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