Our No-Code Bootcamp Curriculum and its Benefits for Your Startup

Our No-Code Bootcamp Curriculum and its Benefits for Your Startup

Simon Jenner

Monday, 5 October 2020

Ready to explore the curriculum offered in our Bootcamp sections? Here's your guide.

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Our No-Code Bootcamp is turning new founders loose into the startup world left and right, with completed MVPs in hand and experience pitching to real investors under their belts.
Have you had a chance to explore the curriculum of our Bootcamp yet? If not, we’re about to lay it all out for you. 
We have two different No-Code Bootcamp sections available that will teach you to build your MVP and launch your startup. Let’s dive into the specifics of each and what sets them apart. 
MVP Builder BootcampOur MVP Builder Bootcamp is a four-week course designed for anyone who wants to jump into an intensive crash course in no-code development. Beginners are absolutely welcome and will complete the Bootcamp by launching their first MVP app.
Week One | 3 hours - An Introduction to No-CodeThe curriculum this first week will introduce you to the revolutionary no-code and teach you how to refine and validate your business case. You will also learn how to build your MVP specification and receive an introduction to our favourite no-code platform, Bubble.
Week Two | 3 hours - Bubble Developer - BeginnerIn Week Two, we really start to dive into Bubble development. We will explore how to create responsive content, basic workflows, and the best ways to work with data within Bubble.
Week Three | 3 hours - Bubble Developer - IntermediateWeek Three marks the intermediate Bubble training. You’ll learn how to utilise responsive designs, processing logic, and server side processing in Bubble’s no-code platform.
Week Four | 3 hours - Bubble Developer - AdvancedThe final week of this No-Code MVP Builder Bootcamp wraps it all up with training on using API, adding external services, and taking your MVP app from promotion to live.
Founders BootcampOur Founders Bootcamp, also a 4-week session, is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to learn how to launch a successful no-code startup, how to scale, and how to raise investment from pre-seed or seed funds and angel investors.  It is absolutely ideal to move from the MVP Builder Bootcamp directly into the Founders Bootcamp. 
Week One | 2 hours - MVP Launch MarketingWeek One of this Bootcamp will kick things off by teaching you how to test the cost of acquisition, launch your marketing strategy for your MVP app, and execute efficient campaigns to your target market. 
Week Two | 2 hours - Down to BusinessIn Week Two, we’ll turn our focus internally. The curriculum this week will explore company structures, managing and transferring risk, and how to avoid pitfalls during your growing season.
Week Three | 2 hours - Investment ReadinessThis third week will explore investment readiness - from scalability testing, to refining your business case, to creating a pitch.
Week Four | 3 hours - Meet the InvestorsThis is where things get exciting. Week Four of our Founders Bootcamp provides you with the opportunity to pitch to real investors and get real feedback from them. You’ll graduate from this No-Code Bootcamp with the confidence and experience to take on the startup world.

In Summary…Our No-Code Bootcamp is truly a breed of its own - you’ll never join another like it. With fully remote classes, our Bootcamps are available to anyone in the world. We even maintain small class sizes to ensure you receive the one-on-one attention you deserve.
Interested in both sections of our No-Code Bootcamp? No worries, you can absolutely sign up for both and get the complete experience. 
Ready to learn no-code and begin building your MVP? Enrol today.

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