What Is Bubble.io and How Can It Help You?

What Is Bubble.io and How Can It Help You?

Simon Jenner - Million Labs

Simon Jenner

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

What Is Bubble.io and How Can It Help You?

You no longer need to be technically trained to be a digital innovator. So how does No-Code differ from traditional coding?

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As the world of computing and digital interface evolved over the past 50 years, coding stood at a standstill in comparison. It is safe to say that until recently, entrepreneurs’ options for building MVPs and apps had become very outdated. We either had to devote time to learning to code or spend valuable money hiring a coder. 
That is, until three years ago when Emmanuel Straschnov and Josh Haas came along to build Bubble. In a sense, they’ve introduced the innovation of Apple to the interface world.

So what is it?
Bubble is a no-code platform that allows you to build your MVP or app without the need to write code. Have you used website builders before, like Wix or Squarespace? Take that concept, apply it to web and mobile apps, and boost the functionality and customisability.
Bubble’s vision is to separate programming from coding and level the playing field for non-coders. As we all slowly become users of web and mobile apps, we become familiar with what works and doesn’t work in an interface. You’re familiar with the process of posting a picture to Instagram, searching Google for a new recipe, and may even be able to purchase that item you forgot at the store from Amazon in your sleep.
No-code platforms such as Bubble provide all of us the opportunity to apply our knowledge towards programming an app with established templates and widgets, eliminating the need for coding. You, too, can now easily place a “buy now” button next to your new product without the headache of coding.
You no longer need to be technically trained to be a digital innovator.

What does this mean for the future?
Not only will Bubble increase the accessibility of building MVPs and apps, but it benefits engineers and coders as well. These professionals will no longer need to spend their time working for entrepreneurs, but will instead have the opportunity to devote time to their own projects - and even work from the backend to write code for Bubble to expand their features. 
As Bubble and no-code begin to gain traction in the startup world, we will likely see innovation thrive and new ideas explode. Founder Josh Haas explains that Bubble will enable more people to become producers instead of consumers, introduce new jobs as new companies are formed, and empower people to create solutions to their problems.

What this means for you
The capabilities of Bubble and other no-code platforms mean that you earn some independence from MVP developers and coders while saving time and money on building your MVPs and apps. Better yet, you can devote that spare time to what you’re passionate about rather than putting your energy into technical components of your startup that you don’t fully understand. 
Devote more time to your social media strategy. Put a little extra money towards making your new product just right. Take that two-week vacation. Whatever it is that you just didn’t have the time or money for a few months ago, you now do.

Interested in learning more?
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