5 Reasons No-Code Can Help Your Startup

5 Reasons No-Code Can Help Your Startup

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

You no longer need a technical co-founder to bring your Big Idea to life.

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Many founders harness the business skill set to launch and scale their startup. However, many founders are still on the hunt for a technical co-founder for the development process of their startup. But finding a technical co-founder isn’t so straightforward as it once was. Without a technical co-founder some potential founders never take the steps to develop their business to anything past the ideas. But what if we told you don’t need to find a technical co-founder to manifest your business idea? No-code platforms, such as Bubble, might solve the need for technical co-founders 
What is No-Code?  No-Code is a revolutionary tool you can use to build your minimum viable product (MVP) and your full scale mobile application. As the name no-code implies, you can build dynamic websites and fully functioning mobile applications without writing a single line of code. No-code platforms, such as Bubble offer drag and drop features that make building an MVP incredibly easy and cost effective. Below are Million Lab’s top five reasons to harness the power of no-code for your startup. 
1. Start building TODAY Whether you’re looking for a Bubble developer to support your MVP build or you’re attempting to build it yourself, you can start today. With Bubble, you don’t need any fancy software, just a subscription to Bubble and some patience.  If you’re looking to build your MVP yourself, we offer a four week bootcamp to speed up your build process. If you are looking for someone to build your MVP for you, then we also offer MVP builds. Whether you want to tackle no-code or you’re looking to outsource, you can start your MVP build today.  
2. Get your idea to market faster Once you’ve got a business idea in your mind, you’re itching to go live. However, with traditional coding mobile applications could take upward of six months to go live.  No-code cuts the time in half, less than half.  If you’re looking to take your MVP build to market fast to validate your business idea, then no-code is the platform for you.  With no-code you can get your MVP to market to test as quickly as just four weeks. In four weeks, you can have a fully functioning app with live customers.  
3. Save a lot of money Coders have a monopoly in the market, and we respect their incredible value to the tech era, a lot of founders are working with extremely limited budgets.  With no-code platforms, the cost to build an app can be slashed by 90%.  With our MVP build service, we can have a fully functioning app ready to launch for as little as £5,000.  
4. No need for a technical co-founder  Without the need to find a technical co-founder to write the code, your business idea can remain in your hands. Something we know a lot of founders are hesitant about in their founder’s journey.  No-code platforms allow founders who have business skills but no coding skills to be their own technical co-founder.  
5. Be investment ready There is nothing more beneficial to take to an investment meeting than a fully functional mobile application with feedback from live users. No-code provides the resources to build a mobile application without spending time and money on an idea that needs to be scrapped or completely revised. Since no-code allows for quick and affordable builds, then you can have user feedback and a functional app before your next investment pitch.  
Whether you’re ready to start your no-code joining through learning no-code or having your MVP built for you, Million Labs is ready to get you to market in as soon as four weeks. If you’re hoping to learn no-code to launch your MVP, join our No-Code Bootcamp today.

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