How to find a great freelance developer?

How to find a great freelance developer?

Jof Walters

Friday, 18 September 2020

Hints & tips on finding a freelancer to build your app

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Some times Startup founders don’t want to use an Agency to work on their App idea but want a single developer, so how do we figure out which developer we should use?There are no certificates that a developer can show you to prove they are qualified so it must be based on showing you their previous work.Here are our five tips for finding a freelancer, if you don’t want to use a world class Agency like Million Labs 🙂:1- Ask the Bubble Freelancer to share you a list of App’s they built using Bubble.ioPreferably examples that are close to your use case2- Ask the Bubble freelancer if they still have access to the editor of those App’s and can they show you around the database, pages and workflows via a shared screenEven if you don’t understand the database architecture, workflows etc you will get a feeling for how confident the freelancer is with this show around.3- Signup to the Bubble forum ( and search for your bubble developer by name (or ask them for their forum name)You are looking to see the type of questions your freelancer is asking and answering. Were they asking basic questions just a few weeks ago (you can check the date of each post)Are they answering lots of technical questions (this could be a sign they are an experienced Bubbler)Check their are no posts complaining about the freelancer (note:- there are bad customers as well as bad freelancers)4- On the Bubble forum check their profile to see when they joinedWe would suggest to become an experienced Bubbler takes at least 6-months and the longer the more likely they are to be competent.5- Speak to a previous customerAsk them for a reference customer and to provide you with a name, email or telephone.Then speak to that customer to find out how they found working with them. 

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