What is a No Code MVP?

What is a No Code MVP?

Simon Jenner

Monday, 13 July 2020

What exactly is no code, and what is an MVP? What do they mean when put together?

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If you are planning on launching a start-up company via an app, you may have come across the phrase 'No Code MVP' and wondered exactly what this phrase means. In this guide, we breakdown what a No Code MVP is and explain why it is useful for individuals trying to start their own fast scaling startup via an app.What is No Code?No Code development allows app programmers and non-programmers to create app software through graphics and user configuration, rather than standard computer programming. No Code developments are ideal for companies that are trying to create digital processes through cloud-based mobile applications. As No Code apps can be developed at a quicker rate than standard apps, they eliminate traditional IT development complications, such as limited time and resources.What is an MVP?An MVP, or Minimum Viable Product, is a development technique developed by Eric Ries, as part of his Lean Startup methodology. The Lean Startup concept was devised to help startup businesses shorten development cycles and discover at a faster rate whether or not their business model was successful. App developers have used this methodology to create MVP apps; developed to the point where it has sufficient features for early users but is not yet 'complete'. Essentially, an MVP is the most stripped back version of an app that can be released. The app will then be completed with its full set of features after feedback from the app's first users.What is a No Code MVP?A No Code MVP combines the two above concepts together. If you have an idea for an app, but don’t have the time or resources to hire a team of engineers to build it, you may wish to consider a No Code MVP. This concept allows you to maintain complete control over your app development and react more intuitively to the responses of your customers. You can then release a lean, but fully functional, version of your app, allowing beta users to actively use and feedback on it. What are the benefits of a No Code MVP?SpeedA No Code MVP app can get an idea to market substantially more quickly than a standard coded app. It can also be created at a lower cost than standard coded apps. As a No Code MVP eliminates the time delay of code development, it ensures an app can be introduced to potential customers sooner than later.InvestmentIf you are trying to secure investors for your app but you are struggling to share your vision, a No Code MVP can be used as a proof of concept to potential investors. Further, all that feedback from your beta users concretes the live demand for your offering. UXFor the long-term success of an app, a business must look beyond download figures and focus on creating loyal app users. A No Code MVP can help achieve this by collecting beta feedback and data. This live data can then be used to improve the UX as it is developed into its full form. Are No Code MVPs the next big thing?In the world of tech startups, No Code MVPs are certainly being presented as the next big thing and with the time and money saved, it’s no wonder. Would you like to find out more? Sign up for our No Code Bootcamp today.

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