7 Myths about No-Code We Are Busting

7 Myths about No-Code We Are Busting

Simon Jenner

Friday, 7 August 2020

No-code is a viable option for your business despite the naysayers online.

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Not Everything You Read Online is True

Yes, we do realise the irony of starting our blog like this. Which is, of course, online. 

But we know what people say on Reddit.

We’ve heard it before, Shopify, Wix, Wordpress sites aren’t real websites. You’re just using drag and drop, so you’re not really a developer. 

And the rapid myth spreading is entering the no-code sphere. 

There are a few developers who would like you to believe by using no-code to build your application, MVP or website, that you’re not being authentic, it’s not scalable, and it’s not secure.

But can we blame them? new technology has entered the market that allows me and you to create, design, build, and test an app without writing a single line of code.

We are here today to unpack these myths and elaborate on why no-code might just be the best option for you and your new business.

Myth 1: Anyone can build a mobile application using no-code.

While, this isn’t entirely false. That’s actually the beauty of no-code. We’re here to break the stigma that this is somehow a bad thing.

No-code platforms, such as Bubble, allow small to medium-sized businesses build an application for half the time and half the price. 

However, this myth negates that you still need to have an IT or developer team build this application. There are still many components, just like on Shopify, Wix, and Wordpress, that need a person with developer based skills to make sure the product is efficient and rapidly built. 

Myth 2: You don’t need any programming.

It’s true, you don’t need to write a single line of code while using Bubble, or any other no-code technology. You click, drag, and drop.

However, no-code mobile applications still need coders and a more advanced build than just drag and drop.. When it comes to customisations and integrations, needing intuitive feeling of an app, you still need the expertise of developers. Their expertise allows for quick builds which means getting to your product in front of paying customers faster, identity bugs and issues, scale faster, and always have support to make any changes.

Here at Million Labs, we love supporting our clients with their no-code mobile applications using Bubble. Bubble enables you to get to market faster and cheaper.

Myth 3: No-code doesn’t allow for customisations.

If you’ve ever built a website on Wix, we can completely understand why it’s easy to assume that application projects created on no-code platforms would feel limiting and non customisable. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

High quality no-code platforms allow for custom codes to match your business’ unique vision. This means you don’t have to code, but if you want to code, you can. And when you do code, you should have a developer with the expertise to build you the exact solution you’re aiming to solve.

Myth 4: No-code is for small lightweight applications.

For some reason, many people equate no-code with a bandwidth that supports smaller applications that do not have a large amount of data. Yes, there are areas in which no-code does not shine best, but it can handle much more than you might think. 

Many large corporations employ no-code platforms to build complex applications with large amounts of data. Some companies even find that the apps that were built using no-code were able to be scaled across multiple departments or even the entire company. 

Myth 5: No-code applications aren’t scalable. 

There is a rumour going around that says no-code is just for the build stage. Build your MVP quickly with no-code, get it in front of clients, and build your final product later on with code. 

However, no-code is just as scalable as any other platform. They are easy to collaborate on, and they can accommodate more and more users, integrations and apps.

Myth 6: No-code applications don’t look as polished at other apps.

Because people believe no-code applications to be limited in terms of customisations, they also assume that they won’t feel or look as professionally finished.

People believe that within no-code platforms, UI and UX designs will be limited. As we established earlier, no-code offers a wide range of customisations with support of an expertised developer. Beautiful no-code apps exist, and yours can exist with a flawless design, brilliant UX interface, and efficient bandwidth.

Myth 7: No-code isn’t secure.

As with most of these myths on the list, this one is rooted deeply in assumptions on it being simple and easy to use.

However, data security in the digital era is a deeply important conversation. Let’s make one point very clear: no-code is a secure, safe and viable option to protect your users’ data. 

The Truth is Simple.

Just like no-code, the truth is simple. No-code is easy to build for coders and non-coders alike, but with the assistance of an experienced developer, businesses can have scalable, customisable, beautiful designed, secure mobile applications for half the price and half the time. 

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