Where does No-Code Shine Best?

Where does No-Code Shine Best?

Simon Jenner - Million Labs

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 30 July 2020

Where does No-Code Shine Best?

No code is pretty impressive, but it can’t handle everything. Let's explore where no-code works, and where it definitely doesn't.

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No code is pretty impressive, and can handle a broad range of functions, but it can’t handle everything. 
So, let’s start with where it doesn’t work.
The easiest place to start is with what you shouldn't use no code for:
Heavy real-time interaction i.e. a game (Call of Duty)Heavy computation i.e. 3d rendering graphicsMass data analysis i.e. millions of database entries being searched in near real-timeMobile apps that require lots of native features (GPS, accelerometer, camera etc) and real-time dataHardware interfaces (although not impossible it can be difficult to work with hardware i.e. bluetooth interface)
Everything else is fair game which leaves you a huge list in the art of the possible: Marketplaces, Software as a Service, Social, Streaming, Education, Lifestyle, Finance etc.
But my app needs to do X (add in the flavour of the month - Artificial intelligence, Block Chain etc)
Even if your app needs to do something which is in the ‘hard to do’ pile, it is almost certainly possible via an API connection. An API is a service accessible externally to your app. The external service does the hard work and brings the results back to you. 
The only challenge here is speed, but there’s usually a way to communicate these challenges positively to customers. 
How many users can a no code app handle?
Whilst there is no limit on the number of users an app can have, there is usually a capacity limit for active users. A bit like a gym, a no code app can have thousands of members, but if everyone showed up at one time, there wouldn’t be enough equipment. 
One of the key advantages of a no code platform (like Bubble) is its ability to scale user capacity. Start small, and build it as your revenue grows.
Will I need to re-build into a coded language at some point?
For most purposes, a no code app will be all you need. For others, you may want features that that no code simply can’t provide. 
Show me example no code apps
Still not convinced? Here are some brilliant examples of apps built using no code:
Web Appshttps://www.platohq.com/https://live-escapebox.com/https://millionforms.com/https://applist.in/https://entrylog.io/
Mobile Appshttps://www.equinascheduling.com/https://apps.apple.com/us/app/spottereats-discover-food/id1472683984https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1472860269https://chatter365.com/https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id466534718
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