The Top 10 No-Code Tools for the Year That Was 2020

The Top 10 No-Code Tools for the Year That Was 2020

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

2020 was a huge year for no-code. In response, we've compiled our favourite no-code tools from this past year.

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If you are an entrepreneur or non-technical founder planning to launch a startup in the current business landscape, you should be aware of the benefits of utilising no-code.
No-code tools are allowing founders everywhere to build MVPs for their startups and take their product to market within just weeks. Better yet, they are able to do so with significantly decreased time and financial investments than ever before, no technical co-founder or developer necessary.
Luckily, there is no shortage of cracking no-code tools - so much so that choosing the best one for your startup’s needs can be quite intimidating. We’ve compiled the top 10 no-code tools that have helped startups everywhere thrive throughout the year that was 2020.

1. Bubble
It is no secret that Bubble is our favourite no-code tool at MLabs. We feel so strongly about this platform that we even offer a No-Code Bubble Bootcamp.
Bubble allows simple drag-and-drop functionalities and widgets for any non-technical founder looking to build a web app, be it desktop or mobile. If you’re looking for a simple user experience for building your startup's MVP, Bubble is the tool for you.

2. Appsheet
Appsheet is a brilliant option for any founders interested in developing an app for business use cases, such as CRM or project management. Users benefit from streamlined data collection and analytics, collaboration, and machine learning intelligence.

3. Salesforce
Salesforce is a well-known CRM programme, though many are unaware that it utilises no-code. 2020 was quite the year for Salesforce as it placed 6th on Fortune Magazine’s Fortune List of the Top 100 Companies to Work For. This is an excellent no-code tool for you if you need a simple CRM for your startup that features an app builder based on UX best practices with integrated style guides.

4. Webflow
Webflow is a SaaS company offering an easy-to-use no-code website builder. This tool is unique in that it brings together the power of CSS and Javascript without the need for users to write a line of code. The resulting websites are responsive and can even host technology for your startup. 

5. Outgrow
Will you be interacting with potential clients and customers through the platform you build using no-code? Outgrow allows you to create interactive content that will enhance your marketing efforts. You can easily incorporate a number of widgets for your customers to use into your platform, ranging from calculators to forms and surveys.

6. Quick Base
Cloud-based applications are becoming synonymous with company efficiency, making Quick Base an invaluable tool. With Quick Base, you will have the ability to connect your startup’s data, systems, and people to access insights and create perfect no-code workflow solutions.

7. Knack
Knack is an amazing no-code tool for creating remote working solutions. Your startup team can utilise this platform to easily import information from spreadsheets, convert the data to an online database, and build a custom app that will collect and manage the data while automating your processes.

8. Ninox
Are you looking for a no-code tool that will help to automate your startup’s business processes? Ninox will enable you to make the switch from impenetrable spreadsheets to a collaborative and customisable platform. Users can easily develop their startup's app, invite employees to the app, and promote collaboration for remote teams.

9. Appy Pie
By democratising design and app development for startups, Appy Pie is incredibly versatile in its offerings. Whether you need to create a mobile or desktop app, automate tasks, or build a chatbot to enhance your customer service, Appy Pie does it all.

10. Quixy
Through a cloud-based interface, Quixy offers a variety of templates and pre-built user interfaces for citizen developers to use when building their startups' MVPs and company platforms. This no-code tool also provides actionable insights reports and the ability for users to build a dashboard for their company.

As you can see by the significant amount of brilliant no-code tools, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to building your startup's MVP or final app with no-code. However, there most certainly will be a no-code tool for your startup’s individual needs.
If you’re eager to begin your non-technical founder’s journey with the help of no-code, sign up for our No-Code Bootcamp today. We are incredibly excited to introduce you to your love affair with this technology.

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