No-Code Ventures: No-Code, No Problem

No-Code Ventures: No-Code, No Problem

Simon Jenner

Monday, 25 January 2021

Understanding the No-Code Startup

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In a perfect world, every single entrepreneur would be able to become a founder, build an MVP for their startup, and launch their Big Idea.
Of course, the world isn’t quite that perfect. Entrepreneurs run into a variety of issues that hold them back, from financial restrictions to time constraints. But in the MLabs world, we want to ensure that each of these entrepreneurs has the tools to build and launch their no-code startup without any of these setbacks.
This is why we’ve created No-Code Ventures. Through this programme, we will be working alongside a cohort of the most motivated non-technical founders to help them validate their business case. Once this step is complete, we will be funding the startup through a staged investment process.
Here’s a closer look.

How No-Code Ventures Works
You’re only four stages away from a no-code startup.
Stage 01: Join a cohort of motivated no-code founders from around the world. With your cohort, you will participate in a four-week intense pre-incubator delivered over a series of remote Zoom calls. You’ll be asked to dedicate roughly three hours per week to these calls; one two-hour group session and one one-hour workshop.
The pre-incubator will teach you to do the following:
Validate your value proposition.Establish clearly-defined assumptions that your MVP needs to test in order to prove your business case.Create a testing plan that will evaluate your assumptions.Build scope, user-flows, and wireframes that form the design of your no-code MVP.

Stage 02: Validate your business case and create a plan for building an MVP for your startup with the MLabs agency team. The goal through this step is to focus on your monetisation and growth.
Stage 03: Build your startup's MVP and launch it with MLabs. Our team will assist you in building an MVP for your startup that validates your value proposition.
Stage 04: Pitch to the MLabs investment syndicate to fund the growth phase of your business. The most successful founders will have the opportunity to pitch their Big Idea to MLabs No-Code Angel Investors.

Our Investment & Your Commitment
Our MLabs team will be investing in two distinct phases through this process. First, we will fund the development of our founders’ no-code MVP apps. Then, we will back the launch and growth of the startups with successful MVP launches.
While there is no cost for you to join a cohort, our ask of you is to show your commitment. Early on, you will need to prove that your Big Idea is viable and that you are motivated and dedicated to building a successful no-code startup.

How to Begin
All that you need to do to begin is to apply to No-Code Ventures. Once we gather a bit of information about you and your startup, you will be able to see the other founders that have applied for your cohort.
Our No-Code Ventures programmes will be starting every few weeks, or as soon as we have twenty suitable applications. As an applicant, we will contact you with details of your cohort’s dates, login information, and everything you need to begin your founder’s journey.
We’ll see you in No-Code Ventures.

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