How can you get feedback from your target audience without building an MVP?

How can you get feedback from your target audience without building an MVP?

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 6 August 2020

Market Validation without an MVP.

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There are several crucial steps on the startup journey; from idea, to market, to scaling. 

You know some of the steps, we’ve discussed them before. 

First, you need to validate your business idea through market validation.

Then you need to build your MVP, and put your product in front of the target audience for feedback.

But what if we told you there was another way to receive feedback without building an MVP.

It seems crazy for us to suggest not building an MVP, since we build MVPs for our clients. But we want to make sure you’re building the right MVP. 

How can you know if you’re building the right MVP if you haven’t gotyour idea in front of the target audience for confirmation?

Using no-code technology allows for a faster and more cost effective mobile application build, but you can still waste time building the wrong MVP. 

Enter Applist. 

What is Applist?

Applist is a way for founders to thoroughly test their value proposition before committing to an MVP build.

By using Applist you can drive traffic either via paid advertising or organic posts to a website where you can gain data and analytics through UTM tracking. 

You can gain immediate audience feedback whether or not they find enough value in the product to solve the problem you set out to resolve. 

You can test multiple pricing strategies to discover what your audience is willing to pay for the value of the mobilication application.

Without spending money on the build, you can save thousands until you find the right MVP to build. Cost is limited to ad spend, mentorship and campaign management.

Why should you use Applist?

Applist allows you to validate your proof of concept, before you even begin building your MVP.


Once you find concrete evidence that your mobile application is well received from your marketing campaigns driving traffic to Applist, then you can sleep well at night, knowing you’re building the right MVP. 

You also gain invaluable data on who clicks on your link. That can be harnessed later down the line for paid advertising.

Are you ready to use Applist for Market Validation?

Are you ready to get your brilliant idea in front of an audience to validate it?

Contact us today to discover how we can support you through your market validation, proof of concept, and building the right MVP.

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