Entering the Bubble Universe: Learn How to Use Bubble to Build Your App

Entering the Bubble Universe: Learn How to Use Bubble to Build Your App

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 23 July 2020

What Bubble.io actually does, and what it can do for you.

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What is Bubble.io?
Bubble gives you the chance to fully realise your business idea in a much shorter time frame than was originally possible. That also means you can build and launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in rapid time. An MVP, for those who don’t know, is simply an application that proves whether your product or services solves the problem you set out to find a solution for. 
Bubble allows users to create interactive multi-user apps for desktop and mobile platforms without any code. You can build your apps like you would build a website on Wix, Shopify, or Wordpress: with no coding required. You simply click, drag, and drop. 
Your app is completely customisable, and there are no limitations to your visions while using Bubble. Even if you don’t know HTML, CSS, or Java, then your app can still have a polished and professional design. Bubble allows for easy improvements throughout your testing process.
There is really no reason to not use Bubble. Your MVP can get to market faster and cheaper.
Who has used Bubble?
Bubble has seen countless success stories where businesses that have built their product on Bubble, and then these businesses launched, grew, and scaled rapidly, all without writing a single line of code. 
There are many successful apps built on Bubble. Here’s a selection of some of the most well-known:
Dividend Finance built their entire solar panel financing platform and CRM for installers with Bubble. They have raised $365M in venture funding.
Comet created a freelancer marketplace for data professionals with Bubble. Scaled to $800K ARR, and they raised $13M in venture funding.
Qoins is a Bubble app to help people pay off their debts faster through financial coaching and automatic payments. They raised $750K in an angel round.
Plato created its tracking systems and event specific landing pages completely on Bubble. They raised $13M in funding.
Are you ready to learn how to use Bubble to build your MVP?
A lot of people want to find a developer to build their app for them, and we are happy to do that for them. We do love building apps after all. 
But there is something special about building your own app, and we want you to have that proud moment of completing your MVP. That is why we have created our No Code Bootcamp.Our No Code Bootcamp is an eight week remote bootcamp that covers everything you need to validate your business case, design, build, and launch your MVP.
Regardless of how much or how little coding you know, by the end of the eight weeks you will be fully equipped to build the MVP for your new business using Bubble technology. While the goal of the eight weeks is to set up your MVP, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from expanding this scope to develop a fully-fledged digital service. 
What do you get and how much does it cost?
With a one off cost of £750, you and your co-founder (if desired) can join the 2 hour lessons each week on Zoom. In these lessons, you will learn everything you need to know about Bubble from leading tech entrepreneurs. But that’s not all. 
During the course of eight weeks, you will spec out the core features of your product, utilise Bubble to design and develop your product, test and iterate your product, receive personalised attention in small class of no more than eight students per instructor, and get access to two free months of Bubble’s Professional Plan ($258 value).
If you are excited at the thought of building your own MVP, then this No Code Bootcamp is for you.
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