We are now Bubble Pioneers!

We are now Bubble Pioneers!

Simon Jenner

Friday, 10 January 2020

We have joined the Bubble Pioneer Program!

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We recently signed up to become Bubble Pioneers. This is something that both Simon and I are very exited about so we should probably explain what it means!

What is Bubble?

Bubble lets you build software without writing code. It's a visual programming framework which provides users with the ability to create an interface, structure databases and build workflows through an online editor. It's a fully hosted solution with a host of plugins and API support. This makes Bubble one of the quickest and simplest ways to build web applications.

What is a Bubble Pioneer?

The Bubble Pioneers Program partners Bubble and its our most energetic and passionate users to lead the creation of entrepreneurially focused communities across the globe (we're the UK team). These communities, will be a home for any individuals that are excited about innovation, building their own ideas, and interested in connecting with like-minded people through their interest in Bubble. Bubble Pioneers will host and lead in-person events focused on bringing valuable content, speakers, and conversations to their communities, and Bubble’s growth team will support in these efforts. We will also bring creative new ideas to engage our communities, customizing programming for our local members.

How can you get involved?

If you are interested in using No Code / ZeroCode / Low Code to build a new business or tools for your existing business email us at hello@millionlabs.co.uk come and meet us at ZeroCode Mondays or any of the many Silicon Canal events or watch this space for more news.

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