Video solution -

Video solution -

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 1 December 2022

Guide on how to use plugin to add video call functionality

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Lead Owner: Pablo

(Responsible for updating the document & helping out with any questions)

Bubble Editor Link: Click here

Step 1: Agora setup

Additional Notes

  • For ‘Video Conference’ functionality (video chat), make sure to select ‘App ID’ as authentication mechanism when creating a new project.

Step 2: Basic video chat UI

Additional Notes

  • Make sure to enable ID attributes to HTML from the general settings of your app.

Step 3: Joining a room

Additional Notes

  • There are certain factors that affect the plugin's workload possibilities such as Bubble application plan, user’s connection bandwidth, type of connection, and Agora limitations related to device and browser / OS version. We can use the ‘Agora is not compatible’ event to know if there are any problems with the user’s browser.

Step 4: Configure controls for the video room

Additional Notes


  • You can view the full list of events & actions for the plugin here.

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