Two Solid Routes to A Successful MVP App

Two Solid Routes to A Successful MVP App

Simon Jenner

Monday, 7 December 2020

You surely have a solid grasp on a vision for your Big Idea, but which route will you take to get there?

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First things first. You already know your end goal.  Most people we work with have a solid idea of what they’d like to achieve.  They’ve had that lightbulb moment, they’ve noticed something that nobody else is doing, and they’re ready to roll up their sleeves and do it
Now, this is where a lot of potential entrepreneurs go wrong.  They head into launching their idea with all guns blazing, piling dollar after dollar into an idea that hasn’t yet been tested, validated or properly formed.   
As the Founder of a new start-up, the wisest possible move you can make is to build an MVP app, using the (frankly brilliant) no-code technology we have available to us. This will allow you to cost-effectively test your idea at market, establishing the needs and wants of your audience and allowing you to make continuous improvements without towering costs. 
Here at MLabs, we offer two solid routes to building a successful MVP app and bringing your business idea to life. 

Option 1: Build Your MVP Yourself 
We’re not talking about you going out on a limb here, teaching yourself with endless Bubble workshops without any real strategy or structure to your business launch. 
Our comprehensive bootcamp has been carefully designed to guide Founders through absolutely everything they need to know to validate and test their idea, build their MVP, find investment and then market your brand new app effectively afterwards. Each cohort has taught us new things, and we have refined our bootcamp to be as valuable as possible to new Founders. 
This is the lowest cost route to success, allowing you to launch your business for as little as $1000. And actually, this is our favourite choice too. We absolutely adore the world of no-code, and we find it incredibly satisfying to teach people how they can harness it to achieve their dreams. You’ll feel our genuine enthusiasm as we show you how best to execute your idea and maximise the opportunity ahead of you. 

Option 2: We will build your MVP app for you
We work with plenty of Founders who would rather leave the build to the professionals and focus on other areas they know better. That’s not a problem. Our professional development team will get your MVP app to market, quickly and effectively. 
We’ve got an expert team, who have worked together to launch over 250 new businesses this year alone. If you’ve got an idea, we’ve got the knowledge to build it, launch it and help you make it a roaring success. 

That’s not where it ends
One of the most powerful reasons to build your MVP app with us is becoming part of the Founders’ community that we’ve been building on Slack. We bring in no-code experts from around the world to inspire, help you innovate and reach further with your idea. We share with you our extensive experience, helping you to avoid mistakes we made, and identify lucrative opportunities quickly to ignite your idea. 
In fact, it isn’t really about us. Within our community, our Founders end up helping each other just as much as we help them, and we all learn together. 
Find out more details about building your own MVP app, or us building it for you here. We look forward to welcoming you into the world of no-code.

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