Top 10 Startups That Rose from COVID-19’s Challenges

Top 10 Startups That Rose from COVID-19’s Challenges

Simon Jenner

Monday, 18 January 2021

New Solutions for New Challenges

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been heavy. Every single person suddenly faced unexpected challenges - some entirely new, some that had been lingering on the horizon but were immediately accelerated. These new challenges called for new solutions, and a number of the world’s best entrepreneurs immediately got to work building MVPs for their startups and strengthening their pre-established businesses.
As consumers, we’ve found great use and comfort in many of the startups that have shone throughout the past year. Here are 10 of the best startups that emerged from COVID-19’s challenges.

1. Zoom
Zoom is probably the most well-known startup name of the pandemic as their video-conferencing platform has allowed communication in ways we never expected to rely on prior. Businesses have been using Zoom for meetings while people have been using it to stay in touch with friends and family during lockdowns and social distancing measures. 
2. Futurelearn
Just as employees have embraced work-from-home culture, students are becoming very familiar with virtual learning. Futurelearn is a digital education platform that offers access to world-class universities and industry experts through a wide variety of free courses. This is the perfect platform for those who have decided to expand their knowledge while stuck in lockdown. 

3. Avellino
If someone told you today that they were “going to get tested”, you would likely immediately understand that they meant tested for COVID-19. Avellino is a leader in the COVID-19 testing space. This startup was actually founded as a specialist in precision medicine and genetics, but in early 2020, the Avellino team successfully recognised and acted upon the opportunity to pivot and fill a market gap for this testing, which is quite literally saving lives.

4. Babylon
During a time when even a trip to the doctor’s office might make you uneasy due to unnecessary exposure to the virus, Babylon Health is here to save the day. Babylon’s MVP app was founded back in 2013, but is needed now more than ever before. Their service connects users to health care providers via text, phone calls, and video messaging, all within a simple mobile application. Access to healthcare has never been easier - or more important.

3D printing company 3YOURMIND Inc. recognised early in the pandemic that they had the technology to assist in generating PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and respirator connectors for the healthcare system. Not only has the company since created a virtual factory of over 40 3D Printing suppliers with a digital inventory of over 60 validated designs, but they have also future-proofed their business.

6. Gousto
Sure, we need food - but do you really want to venture to the grocery store to get it? As many citizens of the UK have become very familiar with not leaving their homes in the past 10 months, London-based company Gousto has been reliably delivering healthy and convenient meal kits right to their customers’ doors. As an added bonus, they are prioritising NHS employees’ meals, ensuring our frontline workers receive the care they need to continue saving lives.

7. Bevy
Have you found yourself wishing you could just open your door and find your favourite pint on the doormat? The London-based on-demand mobile app Bevy makes this quite possible. Rather than taking a trip to the store to stand in a socially-distanced queue, you can place your order and find your beverage of choice, along with mixers and snacks, at your door in just 30-45 minutes. 

8. Hopin
Hopin, a live online events platform, is ensuring that events do not entirely die out in response to this pandemic. This no-code platform is allowing users to build events that can support up to 100,000 attendees. In comparison to passively watching a presentation, Hopin is allowing users to network and interact with other organisers and attendees, just as they would do at an in-person event.

9. Singa
Home karaoke has become incredibly popular throughout the past year, and the Singa app has responded. In fact, Singa has reported that they saw a 700% increase in new customers in just the first wave of the coronavirus. You no longer have to save the singing for your morning shower - you can access their 80,000 songs at all times.

10. Trouva
Trouva, an online marketplace, has been playing a key role in ensuring the livelihood of independent shops across Britain throughout the pandemic. The unique clothing and homeware items that people used to scavenge for at their local boutiques can now be found on this platform. Thanks to Trouva, more than 900 independent boutiques in Europe have been able to maintain a steady revenue stream while their physical doors remain closed.

This list is in no way exhaustive of all of the brilliant startups, both no-code and traditional, and founders, both technical and non-technical, that have thrived in the pandemic. A key takeaway from this list is the ability for and resilience of the entertainment, remote working, food and drink, healthcare, and medical technology industries to address world-wide challenges when needed the most.
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