The Top 5 Reasons Startup Founders Are Choosing No-Code

The Top 5 Reasons Startup Founders Are Choosing No-Code

Simon Jenner

Monday, 16 November 2020

Find out why more and more startup founders are siding with no-code over traditional development methods.

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Until fairly recently, the primary option for new startup founders building their MVP was through a trained coder. This method has its benefits in terms of creativity and originality, though it comes at the cost of a significant amount of time and financial assets that many founders would rather not sacrifice prior to knowing how successful their product will be.
Then, along came no-code.
No-code platforms, such as Bubble and Squarespace, offer these founders a way to independently build their MVPs without the need for a technical co-founder or coder. Many of these platforms provide simple drag-and-drop functionalities, allowing founders to build their startup’s platform piece by piece.
With more and more founders utilising no-code platforms each day, the startup world continues to become more diverse, offering a product for any type of consumer. Here is an inside look at the top five reasons startup founders are choosing no-code development.

1. Redistributed Time
The no-code development process saves you an incredible amount of time in getting your MVP app to market. What once took months through traditional methods can now be completed in a matter of weeks, ensuring your users will have access to your product prior to those of competitors. 
Similarly, many of the innovative features of no-code platforms also save employees time. These platforms can create business solutions that automate many tedious tasks, such as filling out a spreadsheet or tracking employee hours.
With all of the time saved, founders and employees alike have the opportunity to redistribute their time towards propelling the startup forward and achieving success.

2. Decreased Development Costs
Customised app development through a trained coder can be a significant financial investment for startup founders. For the many founders who would prefer to bootstrap their business but don’t have $75,000 to invest solely into development, no-code offers a cost-effective method for building their MVP.
On average, these no-code MVPs require less than $10,000, notably decreasing the financial barrier to entering the startup community.

3. Lower security risks
Understandably, security is a prime concern for startup founders. Entering sensitive information into any online platform can be stressful, but the top no-code platforms now guarantee that your app’s security features will meet standard protocols, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of Europe.
These standards work to make both founders and users feel confident that their data is being protected to the highest level possible.

4. Improved employee engagement
In the early stages of a startup, employees may be prone to motivational burn-out as they wait for your product to go to market. However, by utilising no-code development, you can begin to integrate your employees into this process.
The opportunity to learn the skills of a citizen developer and become involved in the process is certain to spark your employees’ engagement, likely leading to a related peak in productivity. The stronger the team, the higher your startups’ chances of success.

5. Enhanced Innovation
As startup teams save time and money while improving employee engagement, space is made for innovation. No-code platforms automate a significant portion of the work that needs to be done when building your MVP, encouraging creativity and innovation to flourish as both your and your employees’ minds are freed up from tedious tasks. 

Unsurprisingly, no-code development continues to grow in popularity among startup founders. If you’d like to join them and reap the benefits of no-code for your own startup, sign up for our No-Code Bootcamp. We will turn you into an expert in no time.

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