The Best No-Code Payment Tools for Your Startup

The Best No-Code Payment Tools for Your Startup

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Sort your payment system now so that you can start making transactions as soon as your startup is ready to launch.

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When building an MVP for your startup, one of the most important decisions is how you will make and accept payments digitally. Although you might be in the startup game because you’re truly passionate about filling a market gap that you’ve identified (or even experienced yourself), ultimately, you need to have a solid platform to take payments and earn an income.
Luckily, there are a variety of no-code tools at your immediate disposal. You’ve likely heard of a few, such as PayPal and Stripe, but your options certainly don’t max out there.
Here are the best no-code payment tools for your startup that you can begin utilising now.

As the tried and true payment tool in the e-commerce world, you’ve likely used PayPal on an occasion or two. But did you know it is compatible with your no-code platform?
PayPal is great because it is trusted by consumers, it is fast, and it has a high level of security. PayPal has a specific platform for businesses and will cater to your startup at any stage of the process. You can utilise their payment platform to both make and accept payments, as well as streamline your operations through their included reporting, analytics, shipping, and cash management tools.
Using PayPal for your business ensures that you can trust the payments you make to others, your customers will trust the payments they make to you, and you can rest easy knowing you are utilising the industry standard.

TillyPay may be more of a new platform to you. This payment platform integrates incredibly easily into your no-code MVP app as it enables you to receive single payments or set up recurring payments through a simple website link.
Their payment platform really is as simple as 1-2-3: you just need to create a payment link, share that payment link on your website or app, and then you will receive payment from your customers. Making a payment should be an incredibly simple process for your customers in order to foster a high conversion rate, and TillyPay ensures this streamlined user experience.

Payhere similarly creates a payment link for you to distribute to your customers for either one-time or recurring payments. This link can easily be sent directly to your consumers or integrated into your own no-code platform. 
Just like your startup, Payhere is growing by the day. They are a verified partner of Stripe and currently serve 562 merchants across 104 countries.

Stripe is a brilliant payment platform, whether your startup is just you and a co-founder building an MVP or if you’ve already achieved incredible success in your market and are making plans to onboard hundreds of employees in the coming year. Like others on this list, Stripe’s platform allows you to accept or send payouts, but also has added features such as invoicing, issuing virtual and physical payment cards, and business spend management.
Stripe already works with many companies you know and use, like Deliveroo and Monzo. To meet your startup’s needs, Stripe has hundreds of verified partners with pre-built no-code solutions, such as Payhere, that will integrate Stripe into your website or app. Alternatively, you do have the option of a custom Stripe integration, although this does require you to hire a developer.

If your no-code startup’s sales process is designed as a subscription service with recurring payments, Chargebee will be the best payment platform for your needs.
Chargebee was created specifically for SaaS businesses and offers 480+ different recurring billing scenarios that cater to who you need to bill, when you need to bill them, and how. Chargebee also offers other revenue operations, such as invoicing, SaaS analytics, and tax management, ensuring you have access to everything you need in one place.

Buy Me a Coffee
There is an incredible payment platform for those startups offering value through creative content as well. This is called Buy Me a Coffee, and all you need to do is create your own personal link and paste it onto your no-code website or app to start receiving donations from any grateful and generous consumers.
Though a simple payment platform on the outside, this tool will also help you establish membership options for your content and build relationships with your fans. This may even be a smart route if you have any loyal early adopters eagerly awaiting your MVP app to go to market.

In summary, there is a payment platform available for your startup. No need to waste any time - you can begin integrating your chosen tool immediately into your no-code platform to start making a profit right now.
If you’re still caught up in the nitty-gritty of building your MVP, sign up for our No-Code Bootcamp today. We will help you find your way and even suggest the best payment platform for your startup needs.

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