The 7 Biggest Startup Trends For 2021 & Beyond

The 7 Biggest Startup Trends For 2021 & Beyond

Simon Jenner - Million Labs

Simon Jenner

Monday, 21 December 2020

The 7 Biggest Startup Trends For 2021 & Beyond

You've experienced all of the trends and fads of 2020. Now, take a look at those trends that will be lasting into the next year and long after.

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As 2020 comes to a close, it is safe to say that it has been a year full of many unexpected twists and turns for consumer markets and startup viability. These sudden shifts have made the importance of building an MVP for your startup and getting a product to market quickly with the help of technologies such as no-code as clear as day.
Despite the evolving consumer markets that have defined 2020, there are a few distinct startup trends that have formed. Here are 7 of the biggest startup trends that we predict will continue into 2021 and beyond.

1. Globalisation
If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Geographic segmentation is a key component when defining your target market for your startup. While a product might exist and be thriving in a similar market in a different geographic region, there may remain the market gap within your own geographic region for this model. This is the perfect opportunity to analyse the working model, conduct a S.W.O.T. analysis, and put your own USP into it when building your startup's MVP.

2. Convenience and Customer Service
The pandemic has certainly made e-commerce thrive, introducing a new level of convenience into the consumer market. In order to compete with giants like Amazon, you may consider building your startup around a value proposition of customer service and convenience, giving consumers what they have grown to expect. 

3. Remote Healthcare
Covid-19 has turned global attention towards access to healthcare. The NHS and private insurance companies have started working with apps like Babylon to provide remote access to healthcare, ensuring individuals can receive the medical attention they need while limiting travel and unnecessary exposure to the virus. This trend is likely to remain long after the pandemic as only approximately 20% of primary healthcare services requires an in-person visit.

4. Remote Working
Work-From-Home Culture has become incredibly widespread throughout 2020, though it is still a relatively new concept. While there are satisfactory tools and MVP apps available at the moment to enable working from home, we are likely to encounter many new challenges and opportunities for growth that new startups can capitalise on as we move into 2021.

5. Online Learning
Online classes are not necessarily a new concept. However, there is a more dire need now for online learning tools that can truly replicate the in-person learning experience as individuals who never would have chosen online classes prior are not given a choice in the matter. It has even become evident that online learning makes education much more accessible to individuals who were previously unable to physically attend classes, such as the stay-at-home parent or full-time employee. We fully expect online learning to continue developing in the coming years.

6. Sustainable Finance
Do you remember the beginning of the pandemic when the world watched as nature took back the environment? While some rumours developed, such as dolphins swimming through the Venice Canal, we saw incredible decreases in C02 emissions and other global warming factors. This is now reflected by an increase in sustainable finance, the practice of investing to earn environmental and social returns. Just as Beyond Meat has grown exponentially, this trend will only increase in popularity.

7. No-Code Development
Last but most certainly not least, no-code development has found its stride alongside the ever-changing consumer market. With consumer preferences evolving faster than ever before, there is a new need to build an MVP for your startup with speed and efficiency for little cost - and no-code is the way to do so. No-code platforms allow non-technical founders to become citizen developers and get their MVP app to market, reigning in consumers before the market has a chance to shift.

The new year is quickly approaching and these trends are growing in popularity by the day. We’ve designed the perfect No-Code Bootcamp to help you learn no-code and build your startup's MVP in just weeks, creating the perfect recipe for launching at market in no time. Claim your spot today to gain a competitive advantage over the startup market that is sure to evolve in 2021.

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