Thanks for a Brilliant No-Code Hack Day!

Thanks for a Brilliant No-Code Hack Day!

Simon Jenner

Monday, 6 April 2020

We wanted to collect our thoughts after the first Million Labs No-Code Hack Day and to say a massive thank you to everyone that attended.

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We would like to thank everyone that attended the No-Code hack on Friday. We were overwhelmed by the amount of attendees, the positive attitude everyone showed towards learning and engaging and the quality of the output.

What we liked

This was the first time we have tried to run a session like this so we knew we were going to be learning a lot as we went. Despite being stuck behind a zoom call we really like the level of interaction we had with the attendees. Questions came in thick and fast and we took a lot of notes.

We really enjoyed the first half of the day, getting over the basics of and learning together how to build the "Hello World App". We wanted to say a massive thank you to Zubair and his "Helpful Room" for tackling the difficult questions as the lessons progressed.

What we want to do better

Bless him, Simon worked his fingers to the bone retrofitting to become an eLearning platform and writing the majority of the content. Even so we had a few hiccups with on-boarding that we need to iron out.

Our largest take out from the day was that the leap from the guided app build in the morning to the un-guided messaging app build in the afternoon was far too big. With that in mind we are going to make the second half of the day a little less 'free form'.

Finally we really hope that we can host our next No-Code day in a space where we can buy everyone lunch!

Thanks again to all our budding No-Coders. We hope you carry on learning and get out there to build your first app. Remember, if you ever have any questions Million Labs is here for you.


Simon and Jof

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