Tapa Staffing: launching a modern-day no-code recruitment platform for students

Tapa Staffing: launching a modern-day no-code recruitment platform for students

Simon Jenner

Friday, 28 April 2023

Here’s recruitment platform Tapa Staffing’s co-founder David on his no-code journey, plans for the future, and how his team worked with Million Labs to bring their vision to life.

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While at university Belfast-based Tapa Staffing co-founders David, Andrew and Michael started a journey to build a recruitment platform that connects employers to students that have the skills that businesses need. 

While at university the now Tapa team found that heaps of students were asking how to find casual work, and weren’t aware that temporary, casual jobs were an option alongside university studies. The trio recognised there’s room in the market for a service that links students to jobs that fit their needs and schedules, and so they set off on a mission to make this a reality. 

They found Million Labs through the Bubble website, and began work with our team to build their no-code recruitment app. 

Here’s David on Tapa Staffing’s no-code journey so far, plans for the future, and how he worked with Million Labs to bring his vision to life. 

Washing out outdated recruitment methods with no-code automation 

Recruitment agencies aren’t a suitable way for students to find work - they’re expensive and outdated. We found the technology to make people aware of agencies that offered suitable student jobs was lacking, and knew this process could benefit from automation. So we started from there and looked at the tools that were available. 

Our clients hire suitable workers that have been vetted by us and who we can vouch for, without the need to spend time and money searching, advertising, evaluating, interviewing and checking references. These are usually for warehouse and hospitality roles. But we're also working with a tuition company which is great because online work is a big market. For example, if there are universities in more rural places there will be work options for students. Plus, it appeals to students who want to earn money from the comfort of their home. 

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