Stripe subscriptions

Stripe subscriptions

Simon Jenner

Friday, 23 December 2022

Guide on how to configure subscriptions on your app through Stripe

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Step 1: Data architecture

Additional Notes

  • You can add more fields to the database architecture based on the data you’ll want to capture. This tutorial only covers the essentials to capture subscriptions.

Step 2: Add a product in Stripe

Additional Notes

First, create the Basic product.

  1. Go to the Products tab.

  2. Click +Add product.

  3. Enter the Name of your product.

Next, create the monthly price for the Basic product:

  1. Select Standard pricing for the Pricing model, then select Recurring.

  2. Enter the price amount-in this case, 10.00.

  3. Select Monthly for the Billing period.

Then, create the yearly price for the Basic product:

  1. Click + Add another price.

  2. Select Standard pricing for the Pricing model, then select Recurring.

  3. Enter the price amount-in this case, 100.00.

  4. Select Yearly for the Billing period.

  5. Click Save product to save the product and price. You can edit the product and price later.

Step 3: Create a customer

Step 4: Subscription payment

Additional Notes

  • We’ll capture the payment at a later stage using webhooks.

  • We are appending parameters to the redirect URL, I usually strongly recommend not to follow this approach and solely rely on webhooks to capture the status.

Step 5: Subscription created

Additional Notes

  • This part covers the process after a subscription is created in stripe and how the app is alerted through webhooks.

Step 6: Subscription cancelled

Additional Notes

  • Subscription_created Step 2 should be terminated if Result of Step 1 id is empty. This is not required but it acts as a bridge to verify if the webhook exists.


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