Startup Focus - Vispr The 'Do Follow Back' Network

Startup Focus - Vispr The 'Do Follow Back' Network

Simon Jenner

Monday, 18 January 2021

Thorsten Hunsicker has developed Vispr to help founders promote their business through driving SEO with back-linking.

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We have recently been working with Thorsten Hunsicker of Vispr to get a no-code minimum viable product to market.
What is Vispr?
Vispr was born out of another project Thorsten and his team had been working on. They were launching an event and were shocked when they rocketed to the top of the SEO rankings for some heavily competed search terms. They quickly realised is was because the event had been linked from a number of media outlets. Vispr was born as a way of testing how far they could drive SEO through the methodology they had stumbled upon. To quote Thorsten:
"Using this method it is not necessary to do ANY other SEO AT ALL!  I did not even connect these websites to the Google Search Console and don’t have a single blog post! No social media accounts, no nothing! We did NOTHING else but partner backlinks!"
The Build
Thorsten already owns a pretty successful startup (FakeScouts) but wanted to test this project out quickly and on a budget. Vispr is an MVP built in Airtable (for the database) and uses for the front end. Thorsten worked with brilliant No-Code allstar Nigel Godfrey to get the project across the line (principally to deliver the widget that can be imbedded on third party websites).
The Science
Vispr creates a network of sites that advertise each other through follow back links as a means of improving organic ranking. This practice used to be discouraged leading to the dark art of "Link Sculpting" (marking a proportion of links as nofollow to avoid impacting page rank). However, times have changed:
Link sculpting (partly blocking outgoing links with nofollow) is not advised any longer. In fact, the nofollow attribute is now being discouraged. Matt Cutts (Ex-Google) claims that part of their Ranking Algorithm promotes linking out to other relevant sources.“ Sean Si,
You can find out more about this here: Page Sculpting Explained - no more nofollow links!
Find Out MoreYou can see our Vispr page here:

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