Smart Kosher: digitally transforming kosher meat factory processes

Smart Kosher: digitally transforming kosher meat factory processes

Kim Kaveh

Friday, 16 June 2023

Smart Kosher founder Mozes is revolutionising the kosher meat market with no-code. Here’s an insight into his journey.

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Mozes - a first-time entrepreneur - is the founder of Smart Kosher. Based in Israel, the business is revolutionary for the niche kosher meat market, digitalising processes within kosher meat factories to improve accuracy, traceability, and efficiency.

Here are Mozes on his journey, how he’s been working with Million Labs to bring his product to life, and his hopes for the future of Smart Kosher.

Making factory processes agile

I’ve worked in kosher food production for over a decade in various factories on continents and learned the complex pain points. The processes typically aren’t agile because the administration is done with pen and paper, slows down labour work, and doesn't allow overall efficiency. We live in an evolving technological world that genuinely helps companies improve how they do things. And so, digital transformation is a must.

My clients are stakeholders who produce kosher meats. So that includes factories, traders, and other relevant kosher organisations. And the users are the factory workers who make sure the meat is in line with health and kosher standards from the slaughterhouse all the way to when the meat is on the shelf being sold to consumers. My offering is a transformation and leveraging solutions from the ground up.

From learning basic code to partnering with pros

During covid, I decided to work on my technical skills and teach myself how to code to build my offering. I got the basic knowledge to be a junior coder, but I knew it wasn’t enough to build out an entire system.

I built my first prototype in Bubble but knew I needed the right team behind me to iterate on my product. That’s when I decided to work with Million Labs, and we’ve been working super well together.

Million Labs suggested I rebuild the app from scratch, which I was very nervous about, but my gut feeling was right to take on the approach of their expertise. Million Labs’ expertise taught me a lot, and you get more value from working with pros than doing it yourself. The end product is much sleeker.

The next steps

I’ve completed the product development side of things, and I’m testing my product with one small factory.

Now I must focus on go-to-market and implementing value in a new market. I’m also working to introduce enterprise resource planning – a business management software. This is so people off the factory floor can manage projects like making deals with other organizations and tracking orders through the ERP system much more efficiently and accurately.

I’d love to expand my offering to include many more kosher products. Still, my dream is to ensure digitalization in meat factories becomes the norm, with Smart Kosher being a market leader.

Just show up

I advise anyone looking to start a no-code journey: just show up! 

I’d also say always go no-code at the start. As an entrepreneur, you don’t need to learn the tech side of things extensively, but it’s wise to learn a little about it yourself and then find a team to work with that speaks your language.

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