Pitch Video's

Pitch Video's

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Your pitch video is your primary communication tool with investors, we look at what should be included.

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Your pitch video is your primary communication tool with investors, ideally you are able to present in person but more often than not you are asked to submit a video. Million Labs asks for a short video when applying to our Super Early Seed fund.
I know you hate being on camera but it really is a great tool for quickly explaining what your startup is all about.
Buy don't I need a full studio setup to get the lighting & audio just right? No you don't, all modern smart phones have everything you need to record and edit a video (if you even need to edit it).
Remember you are telling a story, it should have a beginning, middle and an end.
Here is what we think your 5 minute pitch video should cover:
ProblemWhat is the problemWho has the problemHow many have the problemProof that the problem exists
SolutionDescribe your solutionsWhy is it betterCustomer case study
Market SizeTop down market size (with external source)Bottom up market size (facts & figures)
Business Model (How do you make money)Revenue sourcesModel type (direct, indirect, SaaS, subscription etc)
CompetitionList direct & indirect competitorsHow you differ or are better
Better/Different/MoatDetail why you can win in this marketTeamDeep techPartnershipSpeedIP/Patent
How do you get customersHow will you get your first 10 customersHow will you get your next 100 customers
Team Who is on the teamWhat experience the team has
Traction / Milestones so farRevenueActive usersChurnLife time value

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