PetsScore - One of our Super Early Seeds - Launched!

PetsScore - One of our Super Early Seeds - Launched!

Simon Jenner

Wednesday, 22 September 2021

First to market, pet referencing Startup launches to tackle global rental crisis for cat and dog owners

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No code build developed in partnership with Million LabsImpact start up on mission to address global housing crisis for pet rentersListed in top 39 UK prop tech startups to watch prior to launch

A new Impact start up, PetsScore launches today on a mission to help pet owners globally secure rental properties and to help landlords analyse the risk of a pet tenant at the click of a button.  Millions of pet owners in the UK and beyond face the choice between lying to their landlords or giving up their much-loved pet, as around 90% of rental properties worldwide do not allow pets. 
This is due to a lack of tools built specifically for landlords and letting agents to assess the risk of pets. PetsScore is the first platform of its kind offering on demand pet referencing and risk scoring.
The new PetsScore platform has also signed a letter of intent with leading inventory software business InventoryBase to bring the first ever pet check ins and check outs to the property market - which will make it even easier for landlords to manage pet tenants.
Several hundred letting agents across the UK have signed up to PetsScore prior to launch, including Connells, Wentworth, Howdy, Phillips & Stubbs etc.
PetsScore is community driven and was founded by fintech and crypto-currency pioneer Natasha Homer-Earley, who spent six months, on her return to the UK from Italy, looking for a pet-friendly rental for her and her four year old dog.
Homer-Earley’s twenty year career in technology has seen her hold  C-suite roles at Komodo, the number one privacy blockchain, RUON, and Paysafecard, as well as serving as an advisor to top accelerators, such as Level39, and Unicorns like Babylon Health.
She also brings deep property expertise to the business, as her family own and run a property portfolio, property development business and lettings agency.

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