No-code monthly: Bubble resolves service issues; AI Act's final phase kicks off

No-code monthly: Bubble resolves service issues; AI Act's final phase kicks off

Joseph Harris

Friday, 6 October 2023

Here's your roundup of October's no-code news, featuring and AI, by Joe.

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Bubble resolves service issues

Bubble has recently faced some major service issues, including performance degradation and a service outage.

According to the provider, there was an internal “increase in load” from “a particular application” which heavily throttled Bubble’s services. Due to this, people were experiencing intermittent access during the downtime.

Bubble resolved the issues by “staggering” the initialisation of internal resources to meet the additional user demand.

Its previous ‘all at once’ model had left them vulnerable to this bug. As Bubble’s resources suddenly switched on to cope with increased demand, its own servers were suddenly inundating themselves with more requests.

Bubble’s Director of Engineering posted all about this on the Bubble forum. Read the article.

AI Act's final phase kicks off 

The AI Act’s final phase - trilogue negotiations - has kicked off in Brussels.

The use of artificial intelligence in the EU will soon be regulated by the AI Act, intended to make the EU a world-class hub for AI and make sure that AI is human-centric and trustworthy.

For context, there’s been a major debate surrounding AI around the security of the platform/data and the transparency involving the sources of the data used. There’s been more than a few “outcries” regarding certain well-known chatbots accessing data from private/illegal websites.

The end result is a measured approach to protecting the general public who use AI tools from the inherent flaws in the current systems.

One of the more recent votes on whether the new should pass had the result of 499 in favour, 28 against and 93 opposed, meaning that it passed with a 80.5% approval rate. 

Spokespeople have noted that the purpose of these laws is to “encourage innovation” in the industry, rather than inhibiting it.

There’s no need to worry about your favourite AI services going dark overnight (unless they’re doing some really shady dealings), OpenAI’s CEO is in favour of clear security outlines that AI developers should follow.

Naturally, everyone will have their own opinion on this topic, but mine currently sits firmly with the legislation on this one. I’m all for new technologies and groundbreaking inventions, but there should always be a guiding hand for any emerging technology to make sure that the safety of the end-users is thoroughly considered.

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