No Code For Good

No Code For Good

Simon Jenner

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

We are being hammered with requests for Coronavirus applications. Instead of throwing up our hands and quitting, we are going to try to help.

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Over the past week we have been hammered with requests to rapidly develop applications targeted at helping to reduce the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak. Our ability to throw something together and put it on the web in ten minutes flat is handy at a time like this.

Ideas have included apps to help people volunteer help for one another, apps to collect outbreak data, apps targeted at making home working more productive, metal health apps, apps that take an existing businesses service online, eco apps...lots of apps!

I'll be honest... we are struggling to cope. We have paying customers that want their app put live as soon as possible and we have our own products that we want to release too. When I started to write this post it was going to say: "Please stop asking us to build your Coronavirus app for free"...

..Then I changed my mind. We have a really big network of no-code developers we can reach out to so we are going to try to use them. Those people that come to us with ideas that are already being built, we can network them into other projects to help out. Rather than running away from the challenge Million Labs is going to try its best to help out.

Feel free to knock our door (virtual door - I'm asthmatic so I'm hiding from real people). If we can find a way to build a good thing, we will.

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