No-Code Equals No Need for a Tech Co-Founder

No-Code Equals No Need for a Tech Co-Founder

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 6 February 2020

One of the biggest challenges in launching a new business used to be finding a Co-Founder that could develop the technology. With No-Code that hurdle has almost disappeared.

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If you have ever worked with startups the question “How do I find a tech Co-founder” is usually ringing in your ears. Since the advent of the tech revolution it didn’t matter what market a startup was entering tech was a key ingredient.

The days of you having to buy your own servers and a rack in a Co-location data centre have gone and the cost of launching a startup has continued to drop. Even though we have had a step change in the costs of infrastructure required to build a startup, the cost of the expertise has been going in the opposite direction. Tech skilled people are in demand and this, like any market force, has driven salary increases.

So a startup can’t afford to pay market rates for a CTO, they need to attract them with equity and hence they are all looking for a tech Co-founder.

That was then and this is now, we are on the cusp of a new wave of change where the cost of starting a business is falling once more. The shift change is on the people side this time and not on the infrastructure.

No-Code is not new (remember visual basics) but this time round it works and it’s creating a wave of new startups. Literally anyone can build a web or mobile app using no-code. If you can use PowerPoint and do complicated excel functions then you have enough skills to build in no-code. You still have to learn, but it’s for the most part intuitive and very visual.

So now you don’t need a tech Co-founder, you can "do-it-yourself" or find a no-code agency to help you. If you take something like (no-code platform) it includes the database, backend server and front end builder so you don’t need a team of tech people and that saves you a fortune.

This means thanks to no-code the cost of entry has dropped and more people can start a side project without a tech Co-Founder, get to Minimum viable product, test and see if their idea has legs. If a project turns out to be a non-starter costs are so low that your MVP is practically 'disposable'. You can literally throw the idea away and start working on a new one!

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