No-Code AI & Our Digital World

No-Code AI & Our Digital World

Simon Jenner

Monday, 4 January 2021

The Benefit of No-Code AI for Startups

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Users are utilising digital technologies more than ever before. In fact, as of October 2020, there were nearly 4.66 billion active internet users in the world. This should come as no surprise - but what does it mean for your success and your approach to building an MVP for your startup?
With so many active users online, there is a significant variety of channels that users are turning to for interacting with their favourite businesses, including social media, chatbots, online communities, and many more. From a business perspective, the issue that arises from this omnichannel presence is that it can be quite difficult to gather data from all of these different channels and apply your findings to improving your startup and product. In turn, this might affect your position in your industry’s competitive landscape.
However, hope is not lost. No-code AI is an incredibly beneficial tool at your disposal.

What exactly is AI?
Simply put, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is machine intelligence that is capable of learning from its own experiences and performing tasks at the same level as a human (or higher). AI is also able to adapt and improve within seconds based on real-time data, making it the epitome of smart technology.
Traditionally, AI implementation requires substantial education in technical programming. This means that any business or non-technical founder, be it a small startup or massive corporation, cannot utilise traditional AI without help from an individual who has received this technical training.
These programmers and coders typically come at a significant cost while the resulting AI implementation can take a substantial amount of time to roll out. But no-code has come to the rescue.

What is No-Code AI?
If you’ve read any of our blogs, you are well aware of the No-Code Revolution taking place in the current digital landscape. No-code is allowing any digital user or non-technical founder to become a citizen developer without the need for a technical coder and the associated significant financial resources and time dedication. This capability offers an opportunity for founders to build MVPs for their startups and launch their businesses efficiently and effectively.
While no-code is most commonly used by non-technical founders in web and app development for startups, this technology also provides the ability to create AI systems for streamlining workflows. In relation to the omnichannel characteristic of our digital world, no-code AI is brilliant for gathering the seemingly-infinite data across the variety of channels that users are utilising to interact with your company. With this information gathered and analysed automatically, non-technical founders can focus on applying the findings to their business processes and improving their user experience.
As an example, the financial services industry is greatly benefiting from no-code AI. No-code AI is an asset here in that it helps these businesses to manage financial and credit risks of their clients, build quantitative trading algorithms, and provide better user experiences. While providing these services through no-code AI, businesses no longer need to consult with an IT department or external developers for these business functions and have earned a sense of independence.

No-code AI is empowering companies across the world to take control of their business functions and interactions with customers. Entrepreneurs are becoming their own developers for their startups' apps while minimising financial costs, time delays, and a technical learning curve.
Through Million Labs’ No-Code Bootcamp, we can get you on track to learning the ins-and-outs of no-code in mere weeks. Whether it’s to build an MVP for your startup or integrate no-code AI into your business offerings, no-code is a tool that will benefit you for years to come. Claim your spot in the bootcamp today.

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