Making the Pandemic Work for Your Startup

Making the Pandemic Work for Your Startup

Simon Jenner - Million Labs

Simon Jenner

Friday, 13 November 2020

Making the Pandemic Work for Your Startup

Launching a business? In this economy? Actually, yes - we are even encouraging it.

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Launching your business in general can be scary. 
Launching it in the middle of a global pandemic? 
Those people must be mad. 
Or are they?
On the surface, it seems wildly illogical to launch a business in this economy. Companies are furloughing employees or making them redundant, entire marketing budgets have been capped, hire freezes and budget cuts have swept through the nation. 
But what about all that free time? After months of sitting at home unsure when they will return to normalcy or the office, many people put on their entrepreneur caps and go to work. Many people have even joined our No-Code Founder’s Bootcamp to learn how to build their own MVP to launch their startup. 

All the Time in World
Here at Million Labs, we’ve seen a massive influx in founders prepared to build, launch, and scale their no-code MVP thanks to all their newly freed up time. 
After interviewing over 1,000 entrepreneurs who launched during lockdown, Virgin Startup found that 69% of the interviewed entrepreneurs claimed the lockdown actually gave them that final push to start their business. In addition to motivation, 73% of the new entrepreneurs who emerged from the lockdown of 2020 claimed that all the free time allowed them to reflect on their career and what they wanted from life. 
On the flip side, many entrepreneurs were motivated by financial need, with 69% stating they needed to maintain their income during lockdown, and a little over half, 51%, said they had never even considered entrepreneurship before lockdown. 

Work With the Pandemic
One trend we’ve seen throughout the 2020 pandemic are companies adopting with remote learning, work from home, and complete digital revolution. 
At the start of 2020, Zoom wasn’t on anybody’s radar. In September, their revenue skyrocketed, solely based on remote work and education.
Zoom set the standard in adapting with the pandemic. However, they were already fully operational when we transitioned to remote life in March.
A company that did launch during lockdown is Unplugged. With minimal holidays abroad for Brits and many people feeling like their work life balance was incredibly blurred, Unplugged released a staycation for people to holiday off the grid. Founder, Ben Elliot said with work from home, most people were working an additional hour every day.
The company tapped into the cultural anxieties of wanting to get out of the city during lockdown, the feeling of being glued to electronics, and sadness of no holiday in the sun. They’ve been wildly successful over the past few months.

New Lockdown, New Motivation
As we’ve entered into the second national lockdown in England, there has never been a better time to learn no-code and build your MVP. 
What you need to do is put your thinking caps on, tap into the current economic climate, cultural anxieties, and remote lifestyle, and create solutions. The no-code revolution is here, and it has never been easier to build, launch, and scale a completely digital startup even if you’re not a technical founder. 
Take the next few weeks to evaluate what you want from life, seek solutions, and take actions.
If you’re interested in learning how to build your no-code MVP, join our No-Code Founders Bootcamp.

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