Location Tracking

Location Tracking

Simon Jenner

Saturday, 3 December 2022

Guide on how to track a user's location using GPS coordinates

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Lead Owner: Pablo

(Responsible for updating the document & helping out with any questions)


Bubble Editor Link: Click here


Step 1: Bubble database & GPS tracker plugin

Additional Notes

  • There are two general methods to track a device’s location: IP address and GPS location. This tutorial will cover the latter one showing how to get the GPS coordinates.

Step 2: Getting and saving GPS coordinates

Additional Notes

  • The plugin won’t get the GPS data on Apple mobile devices using Safari. It will work with Chrome though.

Step 3: Coordinates to geographic address

Additional Notes

  • The geographic address can be stored in the database by adding a ‘Make changes to current user’ workflow. We’d only need to create a ‘Location’ field of ‘Geographic address’ type.

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