Learning No-Code: A Necessity or Optional Pastime?

Learning No-Code: A Necessity or Optional Pastime?

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 14 January 2021

A Quick Understanding of No-Code in Today's Landscape.

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The past year has caused a significant shift toward the technological. Whether that has taken form through retail stores transitioning to strictly e-commerce or the non-technical worker suddenly out of work and deciding to finally pursue their Big Startup Idea, one thing is for certain: no-code technology is democratising the world.
Once upon a time, these retail stores and non-technical individuals would have been forced to find a trained developer to help them adjust to the digital-shift the world has experienced. No-code has provided independence, speed, and financial savings to these parties. 
But how necessary is learning no-code app development for startups in today’s landscape? Let’s take a closer look.

Technological Democratisation
As a non-technical startup founder, perhaps the most significant benefit of learning no-code is its ability to lower your barrier to entry for the technological world. You no longer need to rely on finding a technical co-founder, working with a trained coder, or hiring your own IT team to bring your Big Idea to life.
This independence simultaneously decreases the financial costs associated with building an MVP for your startup and the time you will have to wait for your product to be ready for market. Congratulations; by learning no-code, you have become a citizen developer and saved valuable resources.

In addition to initially building your startup's MVP and launching your business, no-code is incredibly beneficial in helping your business scale. In the past, your IT team or designated developer were gatekeepers to any modifications or improvements you needed to make in your app before scaling. Coding and app development takes time, meaning it might have been weeks before you would see your desired changes appear - or learn that they were impossible to apply.
However, with no-code technology, you can both make your own modifications quickly in your startup's MVP development process and be aware of the capabilities and limitations of your chosen no-code platform prior to setting your expectations. Speed and agility in making these modifications could be the turning point for your startup during a moment of scaling. With the speed at which the consumer market is currently evolving, the timing of your product’s release and any improvements are crucial to success.

The Future for Developers
Of course, all of this talk about learning no-code opens the floor to one overarching question: What happens to traditional coders if everyone is becoming a citizen developer and building their own MVPs for their startups?
Even in the midst of the No-Code Revolution, coders’ special skillsets are still needed. While no-code tools enable individuals to independently partake in website or app development for their startups, coders are needed to build the code behind these drag-and-drop widgets, features, and templates.
Beyond working on the backend of no-code tools, these coders and developers will now have the opportunity to focus on more specialised, fulfilling projects. Coding isn’t destined to disappear entirely; there will still be a variety of businesses who choose to utilise traditional coding to build more creative, personalised apps to stand out from the crowd and offer a unique user experience. 

The Verdict: Necessity or Optional Pastime?
Overall, at MLabs, we are strong advocates for learning no-code as soon as possible. Ultimately, if you have the extra time and financial resources to devote to traditional app development methods for your startup, you might not need to learn no-code - not just yet, anyway. But give it a few years - we predict that in the long run, no-code will become a necessary skillset in your entrepreneurial toolbox.
If you’re ready to hop on the no-code train but aren’t quite sure where to start, we offer the perfect crash course for learning no-code through our No-Code Bubble Bootcamp. Grab a spot and get ready to add no-code to your list of skills.

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