Join Our No-Code Bootcamp: Get to Market in Four Weeks

Join Our No-Code Bootcamp: Get to Market in Four Weeks

Simon Jenner

Monday, 7 September 2020

How our No-Code Bootcamp will help you capitalize on cost, time, and development.

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You’ve got your idea for the ‘Next Big App’, and it’s been buzzing away in your brain for some time. You’ve tested the concept on friends, family and colleagues and been met with the encouraging ‘well I’d download that!’ and ‘you’ll make millions!’. So what’s stopping you? 
Some pretty serious challenges
Conventionally, there are a series of challenges that stand in the way of budding tech startup founders: 
1. Cost - starting at around £50k, the cost of coding an app from scratch can be prohibitive for many. Finding that level of funding to cover an idea that has not yet been developed, or tested is particularly difficult. 
2. Finding a decent developer - talented developers are experiencing a huge surge in demand for their services, and there aren’t that many of them around. If you do manage to find a good one, chances are there will be a long wait. By which time, your Next Big App could well have been launched by somebody else. 
3. Time - the average traditionally-coded app takes up to a year to create from scratch, by which time...again, the idea could have been stolen. 
Fear not, potential founders. The No-Code Revolution is here. 
What on earth is No-Code? 
No-code app development allows both programmers and non-programmers to create software using graphics and user configuration, as opposed to traditional computer programming. 
Due to the fact that they can be created much more quickly than standard apps, they eliminate traditional IT development complications, such as limited time and resources. In fact, they directly combat each of the above challenges: 
1. Cost - No-code MVP builds start at £5k - just 10% of the average coded build. Even better, if you’re rather more hands-on and would like to build it yourself, our no-code bootcamps cost just £850. 
2. Finding a decent developer - Your need for a developer from start to finish is eliminated. Yes, the average non-technical founder will need some help (which is where we come in), and more complex operations may need a developer’s input, but you will not lose time and money trying to find someone to do everything. 
3. Time - Probably the best feature of no-code MVP building is the time. We can build one for you in just 6 weeks. Or you can learn yourself in just 16 weeks. Both options are a fraction of the time commitment for more traditional app builds. 
The benefits of our No-Code Bootcamp 
So, if we can build it for you for £5k, why would you bother creating it yourself? 
Our pioneering bootcamps don’t just show you how to build your MVP app, they teach you just about everything you need to validate, test and iterate your idea, all the way through to a successful launch: 
Step 1: Business case validation
Of course your friends and family are supporting your idea, but we will work with you to ensure there really is a market for what you’d like to offer. 
Step 2: Pre-MVP testing 
Before spending time building your MVP, this is the time to test the viability of some of the assumptions you’ve made. 
Step 3: MVP design and wireframing
Your app design may be scribbled on a piece of paper somewhere, but we can make it come to life using wireframing, allowing you to explore the usability of what you plan to build. 
Step 4: No-Code MVP development 
We will work with you to develop your own MVP, meaning you are able to attract live, paying customers and test your idea with early adopters. 
Step 5: Launch marketing
If you build it, they won’t necessarily come, so marketing is a crucial step that many miss. We’ll take you through the best launch marketing methods available. 
Step 6: Investment readiness
Get your pitch deck together, learn the perfect pitch and get ready to meet some real investors. Furthermore, we will invest our own money into the most promising startup in every cohort. 
Learn more about our no-code bootcamp and take the next step towards your future as the founder of the Next Big App. 

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