Join our Free Bubble Beginner Bootcamp

Join our Free Bubble Beginner Bootcamp

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 1 September 2022

For the next few months we are offering free education to anyone that want's to learn how to build an application

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Throughout the rest of 2022 we will be offering our famous Bubble Beginner Bootcamp completely free to anyone that wants to attend. You can join here:
The Curriculum
This course is designed for the absolute beginner. Your tutor will take you through eight lessons that will teach you how to build a social media application like Instagram. You'll learn:
How to build a mobile user interfaceHow to use workflows to navigate and manage dataHow to create, edit, delete and manage dataHow to manage user accounts and keep data privateHow to use conditional logic to personalise the user experienceHow to launch your app and share it with friends
This is a certified course that will start you on your journey to building applications for your startup or becoming a no-code developer. 
When Can I Attend?
The next course starts on Tuesday 20th September at 12.30pm London Time. However, you can join the current course at any point and catch up from recorded sessions and our course materials.
What do I Need to Attend?
Courses are delivered over Zoom. You just need access to a browser and a computer with a microphone and camera. 
Do I Need Any Development Experience?
Not at all. This course is designed for absolute beginners with no development experience at all. 
It's Free? You're Going to Try and Sell Me Things Right?
Nope. If you want our help with anything you can reach out but we promise not to sell you things. We're not that kind of business.
Sign up here:

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