How to Build My MVP Quickly and Get My Idea to Market Before My Competitors

How to Build My MVP Quickly and Get My Idea to Market Before My Competitors

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 18 February 2021

Exactly what it says on the tin

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So, if you’re here at MLabs, you’ve probably got a brilliant idea for your MVP. 
You know exactly how you want it to look, feel, and operate.
Now, you’re ready to bring it to life.
You’re also probably here because you know how long and costly app development for startups, including building your startup's MVP, can be. You want to quickly build an MVP for your startup within a reasonable budget and have complete control throughout the process. 

What’s the Solution?
What if we told you we know the answer to your prayers? 
Well, there is. It’s called ‘no-code’, and it’s moving the goalposts for non-technical founders like you. 
Leading a revolution in digital democratisation, no-code allows non-technical founders like you to take control of your startup's MVP development and scale its success like never before.       
“So how is no-code going to help me?” we hear you say. Let’s have a look.

No-code saves timeIn the past, if you needed an app developed for your startup, you’d have to wait up to six months before you would see the end product and get it to market.
No-code means you can build your startup's MVP fast. Some founders are getting their MVP to market in six weeks or less. 
This means you can get your business idea to market before any of your competitors even finish discussing their concept with traditional coders.

It won’t break the bank.
Money is always a fundamental part of setting up a business, and this is no more evident than with the app development of your startup's MVP. 
Full-stack developers have a waiting list month long, and to pay for their incredible skills, it would often cost you more money than you had budgeted for your project.
Building a no-code MVP for your startup can come in at a fraction of what it would traditionally cost. 
Less money spent on the product means more money to spend on marketing your amazing new product. It also means you will have a budget to make tweaks to your MVP as you get real-time customer feedback.  

You take full control of your MVP
Finding a technical co-founder you trust and get on with can be challenging. But you're in luck - long gone are the days of searching for a technical co-founder for your business.
No-code MVP app development for startups allows non-technical founders like you to take complete creative control over development. With no-code, you are able to use visual building blocks to build your MVP app for your startup quickly. You just click, drag and drop until it’s complete. 
No HTML. No JavaScript. It’s that simple.    

Investment: it’s not just about money  
Investing in your MVP isn’t just financial. The investment can be blood (hopefully not), sweat, tears and time.
With traditional MVP development, you can invest all of these and a lot of money for it only to bomb. It’s sad, but it happens. 
With no-code MVP app development for startups being fast and non-costly, there is no need to start from scratch or ask for extra credit on your business account. Instead, you can go back, tweak and edit your no-code MVP quickly and get it back out within days.   
The Verdict  
So, what do you reckon? Is a no-code MVP the answer to your prayers? 
We at MLabs think it is. 
We believe that no-code is a game-changer when it comes to building an MVP for your startup quickly. 
With so many benefits for founders like yourself, no-code will only become more prominent, stronger, and the dominant force in MVP app development for startups in the not too distant future.

At MLabs, we love developing MVPs for founders. However, if you are interested in learning how to quickly build your startup's MVP yourself, join our next Founders No-Code Bootcamp, and we will show you how. 

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