How Much Does it Cost to Build an Application With No-Code?

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Application With No-Code?

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 10 May 2022

One of the most divisive issues for no-code is price. As companies try to cut costs to meet downward margin pressures standards are going out the window.

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Transcript of the video: 
What does it cost to have somebody build my no code application for me? 
Well the answer is pretty simple, it's $9,500 on average and about 10 to 12 weeks. Let's dig into why those numbers are true and examine one other fact: Nine out of ten people that have an application built for them with no-code are currently dissatisfied. Let's find out why!
First of all a bit of simple maths for you. The average no-code project takes between 100 and 120 hours to build andthe average no-code agency charges between $80 and $90 an hour. It's pretty easy to work out why a project is going to cost what it's going to cost.
Okay so no-code agencies charge $80 to $90 an hour, but what about freelancers? Well, freelancers are cheaper than agencies, there is no doubt about it. However, with that cost reduction comes some risks. Freelancers don't have the overheads of an agency which reduces their cost, but the average freelancer has to juggle quite a lot of balls. They have to manage their own sales, they have to do their own customer support and they've probably got two or three projects on the go at once to make ends meet. Sadly they also have to chase the people that aren't willing to pay them at the end of a project. All of these things suck up hours in the week and when you're juggling a lot of balls sometimes you can let some of them drop.
Wait a minute you said “it takes 100 hours 120 hours to develop an application”, surely that's two weeks of development? 
Well, no... The average developer can work about 20 hours a week on a piece of software, so there's already five to six weeks worth of development right there. On top of that there are jobs that mean that delivery gets stretched out. First of all your average developer is going to need about a week to validate all of the requirements that you've got and to understand them properly. You really want them to do that because otherwise they're going to leap straight in and build the wrong thing and that just slows everything down. 
The second thing that takes up a lot of time is testing and testing is something that you want the developer to do. If you don't test a piece of software it's usually rubbish. A lot of the testing that's required is user testing. We need you to do it and that's going to take two to three weeks in a project. So we're already out to nine weeks between validation, testing and delivery. Then there are those other things that just delay matters: Waiting on api keys or waiting on a question to be answered by you (our client) and this can take a couple of days here, a couple of days there, and that's going to push the project out even further. If you want to get your software developed quicker unfortunately you have to abandon scope or quality.
So why are nine out of ten people dissatisfied with the no-code software that they gets delivered by a freelancer oran agency? 
Well the obvious answer is that it takes very very little time for somebody to qualify as a no-code developer. In fact it takes about 12 to 16 hours and after that you can go out to the market and sell your services. But someone that's done 12 or 16 hours of anything is no good at it. So we have the Wild West. We have an awful lot of people that say thatthey're no-code developers and are offering their services for sale, are picking up customers and then they haven't got the experience to deliver something that's fast and secure or even particularly functional.
How do I avoid being a ball that gets dropped by a freelancer or working with somebody that doesn't know whatthey're doing?
Well there are a couple of answers: First of all look for an agency or a freelancer that has done a lot of projects no-code projects are small and they're quick. That means if somebody's been around for a while they're going to have done tensif not hundreds of projects. Million Labs has launched more than a thousand startups. We have fifty at any given moment in the agency and that means that you can go and see the projects we've done before and go and talk to founders that we've worked with and see how they got on; The second thing you can do is look for somebody that's got a certificate. There are certificates available now to qualify no-code developers and some of them are backed by universities and authorities that can actually test somebody and say they're doing a good job. So looking for someone that's got a certificate kind of proves they know what they're doing.
But i don't have $9,500!?!
Well I know. The average person that comes to Million Labs has $3,200 which isn't enough to build a piece of no-code software. If somebody tells you it is run away. They're going to take your $3,200 and give you nothing in return. Beware! 
However, there are alternatives available to you. First of all no-code is a do-it-yourself paradigm. You can learn to use a no-code platform in a few hours and then 100 hours of practice will get you to where you need to be. There are also templates you can use to speed that process up. 
An alternative is to go to a bootcamp. Boot camps will be a great way of learning all the basics and they'll also mean that you avoid missing things that you should have known. A bootcamp is going to cost you about $500. There are free ones out there but beware, they tend to be leading you into a sale or into a poorly paid job.
Another alternative is pre-seed investment. As it only costs ten thousand dollars to build an app and a lot of pre-seed investors are waking up to the fact this means that they can get an on the ground floor with a startup for much less money which diversifies their risk. It's also the kind of money that you can stick on a credit card, get out of your savings account or frankly beg your friends and family for. That might seem embarrassing or a little risky but if you really believe in your idea you'll go ahead and do it.
Now for the obligatory sales message! Of course you can come to Million Labs. We can help you with all these things. We are a bootcamp provider, we have an agency team and we provide pre-seed investment. More than the startups have been built by Million labs, a couple of thousand have been through bootcamps and they're all off happily trading. We can help you out too. You can either go to or you can send us an email at and we will write back to you because we're nice.

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