Founders Interview: Miles Moriarty and Off-Road Marketplace

Founders Interview: Miles Moriarty and Off-Road Marketplace

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 2 March 2021

23-year-old Miles Moriarty is an off-road enthusiast who found a problem in his community that he could solve. Read about his journey as non-technical founder using No-Code.

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What do you get when you mix an off-roading outdoor-loving California lad with Bubble? You get a 23-year-old tech founder named Miles Moriarty. Moriarty grew up in Silicon Valley, it’s very similar to the Silicon Canal here in Birmingham, but it’s out in California somewhere. Maybe you’ve heard of it. Growing up around the forefront of tech, Moriarty always knew he wanted to be a tech founder. The autonomy he could gain from running his own business would allow him to spend one week working 100 hours, and the next week he could spend 20 hours working and the rest outside exploring the great outdoors.Covid gave most of us the time and space to reflect on and do what was most important during the past year. Moriarty did what he loved. He spent most of the last year off-roading with the second Toyota 4Runner that he’s built and modified. Finding a Solution Within His PassionThat’s when he founded Off-road Marketplace because he quickly uncovered a problem. When you start off-roading, you want your new vehicle to be capable of taking you to cool and exciting destinations safely. But when you’re new to the off-roading community, then there is a steep learning curve around the tools, parts, and ways to upgrade and modify your vehicle.Moriarty immediately knew he needed to build a space where off-road enthusiasts can communicate with others, learn about modifying and upgrading, understand the market, and bargain hunt for parts like they would on Craigslist, Gumtree, or Facebook Marketplace. He also will be including a way for off-enthusiasts to shop for new parts by building partnerships with brands. During Covid, Moriarty didn’t take long to build and launch his business idea, Off-road Marketplace, thanks to Bubble. And Million Labs.Moriarty knew that couldn’t grow on simple websites like Squarespace or Wix, nor could he take the time to learn all the skills for web development. So he searched for an alternative.Building His Business Idea With No-CodeWith no-code, Moriarty explains that he is afforded “the expertise and far-reaching capabilities of a web developed with a quicker learning curve at a fraction of the price”. In terms of growth and functionality, no-code is the cheapest alternative. Moriarty partnered with us here at Million Labs to scale Off-Road Marketplace. Moriarty explained, “as partners, it’s been an amazing experience. We partnered a month ago, and through that time, we’ve worked on development. I’ve been in contact with the marketing team. We have had multiple check-in calls to confirm that our goals are aligned, and they are constantly supportive of the growth of my platform and the business as a whole. They are great at giving advice, and they can offer development, investment, marketing, and advisory all bundled into one”.Words of WisdomMoriarty wants other young founders to know that they should focus on their passions. Most businesses start by finding a solution to a problem. When you’re in the thick of your passion, eventually, you can find a question or issue you need to solve for your community, industry, or niche. He also advises non-technical founders to utilise no-code and low-code platforms so they can achieve their short-term and long-term goals as a business, along with their autonomy.To learn more about Off-Road Marketplace, check out their Instagram or their website.

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