Founders Interview: Adam Corbett and StaffSub

Founders Interview: Adam Corbett and StaffSub

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Adam Corbett and StaffSub are revolutionising the furlough game, one company at a time.

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In the midst of a relaxing round of golf, Adam Corbett was struck with a brilliant idea.
After pondering the bouts of furlough that the pandemic has introduced to the luxury travel, lifestyle, and hospitality and events sectors, Adam decided that companies should have an alternative to furloughing their talent. This alternative, he thought, should be the opportunity to retain employees during unstable times through strategic agreements with other organisations.
Adam immediately ran home to jot his idea down on paper and booked a chat with the Million Labs team.
Thus, StaffSub was born.

The Problem With Furloughs
With a background in recruitment and entrepreneurship, Adam’s intuition allowed him to identify companies' highest cost as retaining their team members. However, in many cases throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, companies couldn’t afford to absorb this cost, though had no interest in losing their talented employees permanently.
StaffSub is a direct response to this paradox.
With StaffSub, businesses no longer need to furlough their prized employees. Instead, this alternative allows businesses to subcontract their staff to work in a different role within a different company.
This platform provides strategic solutions to three parties. The original company has the confidence to build a key, core team without the lingering fear of not being able to afford them in the future due to seasonal downturns or unexpected circumstances. The company that the employees are subcontracted out to is able to acquire high talent from a new talent pool very quickly, perhaps for a project they’ve secured. Lastly, the employee has significantly minimised risk of becoming furloughed during difficult financial times.

Bringing StaffSub to Life Through No-Code
Adam’s research on scaling a startup pointed to one route: no-code. No-code technology was Adam’s perfect solution to building StaffSub “very quickly and inexpensively in order to test the key value proposition and make adjustments for less investment”.
Adam has expressed his partnership with Million Labs to build and scale StaffSub as very positive. He is “really happy with how quickly the team understood what [he] wanted with this project and their expertise in turning an idea into something real.” Although he has never considered himself to be very tech-savvy, Adam now firmly believes that the best way to offer customers of a scalable business a high-level service is through the combination of technology and people.

Advice for Future Founders
After a life-long founder’s journey of enjoying the highest of highs and experiencing the lowest of lows, Adam’s motivation behind his work is to inspire other founders through their challenges. 
He advises new founders to never stop reading and learning, despite the intimidation of the great ventures that lay ahead for them. As a creator, he urges anyone with an idea to scratch out their thoughts on paper and sit down with someone who holds the necessary expertise to bring that idea to life.  To learn more about StaffSub and adopt the platform in your own business, check out their website.

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