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Founder Launch -

Jof Walters

Monday, 6 September 2021

Andy Kalati has launched - Valet Parking Reinvented

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Andy Kalati, who came through Million Labs as a bootcamper back in November 2020, has launched - Valet Parking Reinvented!ValetMe provides guests the ultimate amenities & transform your operations with revolutionary automation, accountability and insights. All while reducing your processing fees & increasing cashless tips! No equipment to buy or install so you're live in the cloud in minutes.ValetMe is targeting Valet Parking Operators as part of their initial market testing. The platform is already pretty feature rich (which is testament to Andy's dedication and hard work). It provides contactless, one tap, payments, powerful dashboards, flexible pricing, billing, multi locations and loads of added value for guests.ValetMe is a great example of a no-code project. It targets the needs of a specific audience and has been built rapidly, at low cost, by a founder developer. We can't wait to see it grow. For more information head to

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