Founder Launch - Linguati

Founder Launch - Linguati

Jof Walters

Monday, 28 June 2021

Buy, sell, lend and borrow Polish books in the US with this fantastic new startup from an Mlabs founder.

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I think my favourite examples of no-code applications are those that could never have been created two years ago (the cost of development would have been prohibitive) but that serve a real need in a community. Linguati is like that. Lots of families don’t live in their country of origin. We travel to work, to be with the people we love or simply to learn more about the about the world. However, living in a new country can make it hard to find books and reading materials in your native tongue. Nowhere is this pain felt more keenly than by parents who want to find reading books for children in their own language.  Founder Aga Antonatos is a Polish speaker in the US with young children. She knows how quickly kids can get through books. She decided to use to create a solution to the problem. Linguati is an online library where parents in the US can exchange books with other Polish speakers.  Aga developed Linguati herself. She attended an eight week bootcamp and spent time refining her idea with Mlabs developers. Linguati has been launched to the community that Aga knows best, her local Polish community, but has plans to expand quickly into other language groups. Like all good founders Aga is going to listen to what her users want and iterate her services accordingly.  If you would like to learn more about Linguati, you can do so here:

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