Elanza Wellness: transforming endometriosis care with no-code tech

Elanza Wellness: transforming endometriosis care with no-code tech

Simon Jenner

Tuesday, 16 May 2023

Elanza co-founder Brittany talks to Million Labs about her endometriosis care app, her hopes for the future of the platform, what it was like to work with Million Labs and more.

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Brittany - a multi-time entrepreneur -  is the co-founder and CEO of no-code platform Elanza Wellness. Her career has centred around using technology to improve people’s lives.

Brittany and her co-founder, Cat, initially launched a fertility product as an employer benefit during the coronavirus pandemic. It was a super topsy-turvy journey back then which made going to market challenging. They had to move quickly and make a plan. So they expanded the product and made it really meaningful to people with a specific condition - endometriosis.

In this blog post, Brittany shares more about the app, her hopes for the future of the platform, what it was like to work with Million Labs and more. Let’s dive in! 


Tailored endometriosis care that meets people’s needs

We offer 360 degree multidisciplinary care virtually, for anyone diagnosed with endometriosis - a chronic pain condition in which tissue similar to the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterus. It affects around one in 10 women, and sadly, 50% of infertility cases are due to endometriosis.

It takes about an average of 8 years for someone to be diagnosed, often because doctors typically don't know enough about it, it’s underfunded, and historically there hasn’t been enough education and awareness around it. 

This stuff can be overwhelming and confusing, especially when you don't know where to start and no one's helped you understand your options. Our platform aims to simplify everything. It’s like having loads of endometriosis specialists in one room to help people navigate specific problems around their condition. Here’s how it works.

A tailored plan

People who sign up get a plan that's based on specifics of their journey. We have subscription levels that can accommodate every one of those different journeys and needs. Every month subscribers get a personalised care plan that's put together by their dedicated care navigator. There’s also a whole section linking to endometriosis specialists. These can be filtered by region and specialty. People can learn more about them, and book directly for an appointment if they wish.

We have a peloton-style dashboard that has this breadth of both preventive and acute pain management information, classes and education that can help people based on a range of different symptoms. 

Medication section

We also have a whole medications section which includes considerations around these different medications. Subscribers can take educational courses to help them understand the pros and cons of the medications. We've done our best to make it feel engaging. It's about making sure the patient feels empowered in the decision-making process, while also having access to what they need to make the best decisions for their needs. 

Education section

99.9% of people don't even know there are things you can do outside of medication and surgery. Education around other types of care is super important.

We have an education section to help people understand their condition better. We don't expect people to go through our content like it's an encyclopaedia. People can take in information as and when they need it. It's more about levelling up people’s knowledge at various points of their journey. For example, that could be listening to a 10 minute podcast, or hearing their surgery options. 

Our subscribers can take classes from our specialists from around the world, for example, how to do a pelvic massage to ease symptoms. There's also a support group, and people can have private coaching if they wish. 

Reaching more people

We're hoping to get at least 2,500 patients on board in the next 6 months. We're focused on the US, but we do offer our basic plan globally. We've seen a lot of interest from people abroad. For the time being we can provide education and information around what resources are available, and classes.

Working with Million Labs

We found there are a million different ways to build a platform like ours. But we just really didn't want to be beholden to someone else's platform. We wanted to have our own flexibility. We had a pretty clear understanding of what we wanted to build. We wanted to work with a no-code platform that could help us move quickly, and allow us to have some control versus waiting forever to actually get things done.

Whenever you're offering any sort of US-based clinical offering you need to be HIPPA compliant. HIPAA is a US healthcare regulatory body. We assessed the different avenues for building a HIPAA-compliant platform. There are a lot of frameworks that you need to use to get there.

We looked at various no-code platforms. And somehow we came across Million Labs. The team met our needs, and helped us bring our vision to life in a way that's HIPPA compliant. 

Learn as you go

If I could give founders one bit of advice it would be: you don't need to have everything figured out from the start. Learn as you go and allow yourself some flexibility to adapt to the platform's needs, and the people you're serving. 

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