Earn up to $1k every time you introduce an MVP to Million Labs

Earn up to $1k every time you introduce an MVP to Million Labs

Simon Jenner

Monday, 21 March 2022

We are expanding the incredibly successful Million Labs partner programme to a wider audience.

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Partners have always been kind to us at Million Labs. So many of the founders that come through our front door are introduced by incubator programmes, angel investors and development agencies that we thought it was time to develop this channel further. 
From March 2022 we are introducing our Affiliate programme. Anyone that introduces a startup to Million Labs will be rewarded for doing so on the following rate card: 
MVP - 10% of our revenue (an average of $950)Bootcamps - $400 for every 8 seat bootcamp soldInvestments - $350 for any successful introduction
This is a perfect way for anyone working with idea stage founders to monetise relationships that would otherwise be wasted. 
Million Labs can also offer larger clients white labelled programmes for education and investment into a specific tech cluster or local area. For example our well known SuperTech partnership is launching 25 new tech startups and educating 300 no-coders in the Midland region.
If you would like to like to know more please contact hello@millionlabs.co.uk

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