Creating an agile no-code MVP for Mixdeck

Creating an agile no-code MVP for Mixdeck

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 9 June 2022 is a fully open-source sales training platform which has been described as “Spotify for learning”.

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Startups is a fully open-source sales training platform which has been described as “Spotify for learning”.
Contributors add their training content and the community decides which resources are the most valuable. The platform focuses on self-enablement which means that users enable their own learning by mixing together a variety of resources.

Enhancing online learning with diverse resources
The platform stands out from other training platforms or massive open online courses (moocs) in the way that the training is structured. Other platforms such as Udemy or LinkedIn provide courses that follow a rigid sequential structure from a single course creator. 
Mixdeck is different as it allows contributors to build up training resources using different types of media – video, audio, text, links, and attachments. In other words, each subsection of a training module can bundle a lot of assets together in one ‘track’.
Users can then bundle together different tracks from various sources to create ‘playlists’ of their favourite training resources. Users are not limited to following a course structure from one creator. Instead, they can pick and choose, mixing different resources together to create unique, bespoke, and valuable training modules and courses. 
Applying an agile no-code solution 
Mixdeck’s first priority was to get an MVP or prototype app up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible to validate the concept. 
After researching a variety of options, Mixdeck’s founder Greg Smith chose Million Labs based on their strong reputation for helping a large number of startups and small businesses to build no-code apps. 
Gregory is a sales and marketing professional with more than 10 years’ experience in Business Development and Sales Enablement in the SaaS space. While working for IBM, Qualtrics, and Imparta, Greg developed multiple sales enablement tools and platforms, successfully deploying them to thousands of users around the world. 
Greg is also a thought leader in self-enablement who believes that course-driven, top-down learning is not as effective as learners who proactively seek and select a variety of training resources. He frequently speaks at industry events such as AA-ISP.
Million Labs – going above and beyond
Million Labs consulted with Mixdeck on the best design approach and functionality decisions for the app. For instance, they recommended to hold off on including a newsfeed in the MVP version and trim down other features such as some CRM features, while emphasising others.
Overall, Greg says that he would recommend the Million Labs’ no-code approach as it was fast and cost effective. He also praised Million Labs for going above and beyond the call of duty to sort out any problems quickly.
The future for Mixdeck
Mixdeck is planning to add new features and enhancements over the coming months. Greg Smith was pleased with the successful prototype that Million Labs produced and is planning to use them again.
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