Bubble Landing Page template

Bubble Landing Page template

Simon Jenner

Monday, 12 February 2024

Using the Million Labs Bubble Landing Page template for your startup idea validation

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Here is a guide to using the Million Labs Landing Page Bubble.io template. This template is used for all START stage startups who are validating an idea before building an MVP.

Use the template to test the value proposition and build a waiting list of potential customers.

The template includes the following features:

  • Configurator for landing page (add logo, hero images, text and call to action)

  • Waiting list (lead capture)

  • Built in Analytics

  • Built in Funnel

  • Dashboard showing key metrics

  • Integration to MailerLite (for marketing emails)

Basic Setup

The following setup needs to be done before getting started:

  • Google Geo API key adding

  • Custom domain adding

  • SEO setup - in settings and on page

  • Update to the latest version of Bubble

  • Update the favicon in Settings - General

The Template

The template app can be found here


Create a new app and select this as the template you want to use.

Template features

The template has the following features:

  • Venture API

  • Landing Page

  • Lead capture

  • Analytics

  • Marketing Funnels

  • Admin panel

  • Blog

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms & Conditions

  • MailerLite API (for marketing email capture)

Venture API

The Venture API is used to provide detailed startup analytics and insights, the data is sent from your Landing Page to the Startup Lab. Startup Lab uses AI to analyse your data and provide you with the key metrics, a benchmark against other startups at a similar stage and insight into your data. You can register for the StartupLab and see your data here.

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