Bubble.io Certification launched

Bubble.io Certification launched

Simon Jenner

Wednesday, 23 February 2022

Million Labs launches a Bubble.io certification. We hope that this certification acts as base line of expertise that those who are looking to work with a Bubble.io developer can us

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Million Labs continues to lead the no-code movement and drive standards in no-code development practices.
One of the ongoing challenges for non-technical founders is selecting a freelancer or agency to work with to bring their ideas to reality. The no-code market has been described as the "Wild West" with new developers claiming to be Bubble experts after less than 20 hours of experience using the platform. Stories of half completed and abandoned applications are common. More than 90% of founders stated that they were disappointed with the product they received from their developer. Many applications were unfinished or worse, appeared finished but were insecure and unscalable.
As a market leader in the no-code space we want to improve the standards in the industry. If no-code is to receive wider acceptance it is important that customers can trust the service that they are receiving and that the products produced by developers are of a high standard. For this reason our education team, which delivers Bubble courses in schools and colleges across the UK, has been working to design standardised testing.
Today we launch the Million Labs Certified Bubble Associate (MCBA) certification, awarded to those successfully passing an exam that tests an individual's Bubble knowledge across 10 domains.
Co-Founder of Million Labs, Simon Jenner said "We hope that this certification acts as baseline of expertise. We want people that are looking to work with a Bubble developer to be able to trust they are going to receive a quality end product. Million Labs own developers have now all received certification and we are offering the certification for free to the wider Bubble development community.
We recommend startup founders who are thinking of working with an agency or Bubble freelancer use our certified checker (https://millionlabs.co.uk/certification_check) to see if the developer is certified before they use them"
For more details on the Million Labs Certified Bubble Associate (MCBA) certification please visit this link https://millionlabs.co.uk/bubble_certification/

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