Bloomwise: improving workplace mental health with no-code

Bloomwise: improving workplace mental health with no-code

Kim Kaveh

Thursday, 21 September 2023


Bloomwise co-founder Frankie shares the details on the journey to launch the no-code app, which aims to improve workplace mental health worldwide.

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Bloomwise co-founders Frankie and Paris are making waves in the workplace wellbeing space. With help from Million Labs, they built a no-code MVP app centred around improving workplace mental health worldwide.

Bloomwise was a brilliant kind of accident. Frankie and Paris were both researchers at the University of Birmingham doing their PhDs. They entered a competition to solve a real life problem for a real client and won. 

Believing in their idea and their passion for mental health inspired them to launch Bloomwise as a business, which is now a multi-award winner offering.

In this blog post, Frankie shares the details on the journey to launch the app, including successes, challenges, and plans for the future. Let’s dive in!

Our ‘Why’: professional and lived mental health experiences

Paris and I are both super passionate about mental health, which spurred our determination to launch Bloomwise. 

I’m currently finishing up my PhD, and have a background in science, research, and healthcare communications. I know how it feels to be in a workplace with little to no mental health initiatives and how that can affect people. So many people close to me have had to leave their workplace because of poor mental health standards. 

Meanwhile, Paris is a lecturer at King’s College London in AI for mental health. He’s got heaps of mental health experience including an undergraduate degree in psychology, a brain imaging masters degree and a PhD in neuroscience around mental health. He was diagnosed with panic disorder and depression when he was 14, and so he’s always been really passionate about changing the way people talk about mental health, and actions they take to collectively improve it.

Workplace mental health app - workshops - workplace wellbeing consultancy

We’ve launched 3 products, which aim to help improve team morale, increase productivity, and reduce employee turnover: 

The mental health plan - It’s like a business plan for mental health. It helps employers to develop objectives, aims and goals to help improve mental health within their organisation. We also do consultancy work alongside this.

The workshops - We have educational and interactive evidence-based workshops. These cover a range of topics around mental health including stigma, discrimination, and judgement.

The app - The app is mutually beneficial for employers and employees. Employees can do daily check-ins to log their mood, stress and workplace engagement, which can be done anonymously if they’d prefer. Employee data then goes to relevant people within organisations, who use it to see how their team’s doing, and make positive changes if needed.

Overcoming no-code knowledge gaps

No startup journey is going to come without at least some challenges. The big one for me was not being from a tech background so the no-code world was a super steep learning curve for me. Paris had some tech experience, but more with machine learning and AI rather than app development. We learnt as we went.

We had a brilliant Million Labs developer who went above and beyond to help us achieve our goals. He explained things so clearly and made sure we fully understood everything. 

Rising stars in the mental health space 

We’ve achieved so much since we started this journey, and have no plans to stop here. 

We’ve gone beyond the MVP stage - which we did with Million Labs. We’ve tested the app with friends and family, and have now moved on to a different developer to further enhance it. We also have our first client onboarded which sits within the research branch of the NHS.

We’ve won 3 awards, including the Rising Star Award for the StartUp Awards Midlands, and a personal one for me: The Telegraph NatWest 100 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch. We’re also finalists for 3 more, which is really exciting. 

The plan now is to get more users on the app. This will help us to learn what works, and what can be improved to help further meet people’s needs. We also want to have the right people using the app, too. It’s best used when people are fully utilising it, so we need mental health champions and those passionate about mental health within organisations to be on board. 

Just do it!

If I had one piece of advice to share with anyone wanting to launch an app it would be: just do it! I didn't even know what no-code was when I started, but I was determined to make Bloomwise happen. You never know what you might achieve when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

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