Bask Plugin for VSCode makes Bubble Plugin development easier

Bask Plugin for VSCode makes Bubble Plugin development easier

Joseph Harris

Tuesday, 2 January 2024

Bask Plugin for VSCode

Bask is a relatively new plugin for VSCode, designed purely for making Bubble plugin development easier.

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Bask is a recent addition to the VSCode plugin library, specifically tailored for Bubble plugin development.

This plugin introduces a range of helpful features. Notably, it converts Bubble’s cryptic 'random-string' identifiers into user-friendly, easily comprehensible names. Another significant feature is its real-time testing capability, which accelerates the process of testing changes. This feature closely resembles the live editing experience in HTML, as opposed to the time-consuming build compilation process.

Furthermore, Bask seamlessly integrates with standard git source control. This integration facilitates working on multiple versions of a plugin simultaneously or testing and deploying individual changes without disrupting other ongoing projects.

For more detailed information about Bask, visit:

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