A No-Code Journey Worth Emulating

A No-Code Journey Worth Emulating

Simon Jenner

Monday, 1 February 2021

How No-Code is Breaking Down Walls and Allowing Innovation

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We’ve said it time and time again, and we aren’t likely to stop saying it anytime soon: no-code platforms are breaking down barriers and allowing innovation to thrive in the startup world.
From enabling founders to build an MVP for their startups to housing entire startup platforms, our favourite no-code tool, Bubble, is home to much of this innovation. Here is an inside look at the recent no-code app journey of Xan Hong.

The Big Idea
As with most Great Ideas, Xan’s Big Idea came from identifying a problem. What was that problem, you may ask?
Ice cream. Or rather, the ice cream truck.
One day, Xan’s daughter had reached her limit of missing their local ice cream truck. She ended up asking Xan if they could develop a startup app that would tell her when the ice cream truck would come to their neighbourhood.
Xan had one of those lightbulb moments that many founders are familiar with. Not only was this a Great Idea, but it was an opportunity for him to introduce his daughter to entrepreneurship.

Building the MVP
Xan had some previous experience with Bubble, though was by no means an expert. However, with his experience of using other no-code platforms, he decided that Bubble was his best no-code option for building a complete mobile app.
In order to get a firm grip on the basics of the platform, Xan decided to take a Bubble bootcamp. With some assistance from the Bubble Developer Kit plugin and the knowledge he gathered from the bootcamp, Xan developed an MVP app for this startup within just a few weeks.
Once complete, Xan’s wife came up with the perfect name for the service: TruckZilla.

Finalizing and Rolling Out TruckZilla
As the original idea came from Xan’s daughter, he chose to involve her as much as possible in this process. The pair used the no-code design platforms Canva and Figma to create TruckZilla’s logo and design the app’s UI and UX. Xan then posted the app in an entrepreneurial Facebook group, where he received a message from someone in Australia who was interested in distributing TruckZilla.
There is now both an iOS and Android version of TruckZilla available.

TruckZilla’s Future
Now that the app is readily available, Xan and his daughter have begun the process of contacting food truck and ice cream truck owners about trying out TruckZilla in conjunction with their business. They’ve even used HubSpot to create an email template for these communications.
Although Xan is confident TruckZilla can do very well in the market, his main priority is mastering Bubble technology and providing his daughter with the necessary tools to become an entrepreneur. He recognizes that no-code is not the solution to every type of startup, but is adamant about utilising Bubble for his own future tech MVPs.

Case and Point
Xan’s journey is just one example of the many non-technical founders who have discovered the brilliance of no-code. Once you’ve tackled the slight learning curve of no-code, you too can begin to save an extraordinary about of time and financial assets while building your MVP for your very own startup.
If you’re ready to approach that learning curve head-on, consider grabbing a spot in one of our No-Code Bootcamps. In a matter of weeks, you can follow in Xan’s footsteps of building a brilliant no-code MVP app and be well on your way to startup success.

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