7 Brilliant Reasons to Build a No-Code E-Commerce App

7 Brilliant Reasons to Build a No-Code E-Commerce App

Simon Jenner - Million Labs

Simon Jenner

Thursday, 4 February 2021

7 Brilliant Reasons to Build a No-Code E-Commerce App

Why Should You Consider No-Code Now

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In the past year, everyone has become well-acquainted with online shopping in lieu of lockdowns - likely even your grandmum. This trend was likely going to come around eventually, however, the Covid-19 pandemic certainly sped things up.
But don’t expect this trend to go anywhere any time soon, even once the lockdowns have ended and we can regularly shop at our local Primark without hesitation.
E-commerce and mobile apps have joined forces to make online shopping habits that much easier to indulge. Go ahead and unlock your phone - we’d wager you have at least three different e-commerce apps already downloaded. If there was any question at all, now is the time to build your e-commerce MVP for your startup.
Here are 7 brilliant reasons that even non-technical founders should consider building a no-code e-commerce app for their business immediately.

1. Offer your consumers a personalised experience.
In today’s market, personalisation is key to standing out and making your consumers feel valued. With an e-commerce app, users can set their own preferences and interests, allowing you to provide them with content that is customised to their own needs. As a result, you’re destined to see an increase in your conversion rate.

2. Increase your customer loyalty.
Your e-commerce app is the perfect platform for offering your customers rewards and collecting their feedback and thoughts about your products. This relationship will foster trust and loyalty, keeping them coming back for more.

3. Foster engagement with your users.
In 2021, consumers want to engage with the companies they buy from. No-code e-commerce app development is the perfect way to provide them with an immersive UX (user experience) and participate in conversations with them. In turn, you have the opportunity to expand your brand’s persona and encourage ongoing engagement.

4. No-code e-commerce apps are faster than websites.
On average, mobile apps are much faster and more user-friendly than mobile websites. Better yet, if you’re a new business, no-code will enable you to build your startup's MVP and get your offerings to market faster and for a significantly smaller price tag than you could ever dream of when building a traditional website.

5. Apps promote device functionality.
If you’ve ever scanned a QR code with your phone’s camera or used Apple Pay within an app, you know how much easier it is and how much time you can save when making a purchase. Wouldn’t you like your customers to have that same ease when purchasing your products?

6. E-commerce apps are optimised for marketing and promotional content.
E-commerce apps allow you to change the way you interact with your consumers. Did you just decide to throw an impromptu flash-sale? Send your users a push notification. Are you receiving a lot of great reviews in the App Store? Brilliant - your app is likely increasing your business’ visibility and promoting international brand awareness. As an added bonus, these functions are likely much cheaper than any other marketing campaign you’re running.

7. Promote communication.
This is perhaps the most important of all seven reasons. With an e-commerce app, your users will be able to connect with you easier than ever before, at any time and from anywhere. Equip your no-code e-commerce app with click-to-call and click-to-chat features; your consumers will thank you the next time they have a pressing enquiry.

No-code e-commerce apps are most certainly a defining feature of the present and the future. We are living in a world where consumers want instant access to their favourite stores and products, and you have the opportunity to give it to them.
Now that you know the benefits of building a no-code e-commerce app, you’re probably wondering where to begin. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Through our No-Code Bootcamp, we’ll work alongside you to build the perfect MVP app for your startup’s needs. All that stands between you and a functioning e-commerce app is just a few short weeks.

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